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Royal Canin

Training Time 51% Drop
Onboarding Time Double-Digit Drop
Accelerate User Training & Onboarding
WalkMe is the best SaaS vendor team that we have worked with. They streamlined our onboarding and adoption process while driving forward our quality of training.


Royal Canin has a long-standing commitment to customer service. In order to provide the best service to their veterinary partners, Royal Canin wanted to deploy a new portal to its Canadian veterinary clinics. With thousands of clinics, Royal Canin was looking for a new deployment model; one that would save both time and money. Previously, their deployment method involved arranging a call with one of their sales representatives, who would then spend over two hours teaching staff how to use the portal.

Royal Canin was also looking for a training method that would expertly cover all the portal’s features, with consistent, quality training.


WalkMe enabled Royal Canin to deliver its new portal to its Canadian Veterinary community without relying on on-site training. By implementing WalkMe, Royal Canin was able to improve its training program, while ensuring that its users were learning and retaining valuable skills, like performing an animal weight-loss consultation. Onboarding and adopting times were drastically reduced, and employee efficiency was increased. In addition, sales representatives were able to devote much more time to their primary responsibility: providing sales support.

With sales reps able to focus on sales, they could give better support to customers, which boosted customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Since implementing WalkMe on its new veterinary portal, Royal Canin has been able to cut its user training time by 51%. Every time a new veterinary portal is established at a clinic, WalkMe is auto-enabled to provide immediate onboarding guidance. “WalkMe has allowed us to deliver our Veterinary Portal in a high-quality way, without requiring time to train new users. WalkMe has saved us hundreds of hours. Our team is now able to spend less time training and more time on service.” Ryan Smith, Marketing Manager, Royal Canin Canada Onboarding and adoption times were shortened by double-digit percentages, and Royal Canin is no longer limited to a specific number of training sessions a day. Employee productivity has skyrocketed, since WalkMe provides in-portal assistance when users need help. User training costs have been cut, and Royal Canin has achieved a positive return on their spend.