Empower Management and Drive Adoption

In the digital transformation era, organizations need a new way to manage change and drive true adoption. Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 are more powerful than ever. Are you maximizing your investment?

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform provides insights, guidance, and automation to empower productive employees, scale global organizations, and provide the software insights management teams need to build efficient teams. 

WalkMe is now embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 so you can deploy WalkMe in an instant.


Empower productive employees by simplifying onboarding, increasing software proficiency, and driving efficiency


Enable management with the industry benchmarks and internal data you need to measure employee engagement, understand process adoption, and improve data integrity


Scale global operations by reducing IT dependency, simplifying change management, and scaling physical teams

Common Use Cases:

  • Streamline your Microsoft migration
  • Understand software usage with management insights
  • Drive adoption of applications and new processes
  • Improve data quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Enable self-service support
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Instantly Increase Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Effectiveness:

WalkMe’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 training solution promotes easy onboarding and software adoption. Discover how a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) boosts software training and improves employee productivity.