WalkMe Vibes

Social Responsibility
We believe in giving back! We organize volunteer days, food drives and more to support local communities in need.
Battle of the Tech Bands
Many of our employees might have been musicians if they weren't in tech. We support their talents with music jam rooms and events with other bands from the industry's best tech companies.
We support innovation internally and externally by regularly hosting and sponsoring meetups, hackathons and conferences.
Health & Wellness
The wellbeing of our employees is paramount to us- We sponsor company basketball & soccer games (FIFA tournaments for the lazy), in office yoga/pilates, triathlon/marathon teams and more.
Life @ WalkMe
We love celebrations (and generally hanging out with each other), so we organize movie, karaoke, art and team nights out, field days, crazy holiday parties, book clubs and a variety of spontaneous events to keep you on your toes and show we care.
Internal Growth
We are proud to say that nearly all of our Directors and VP’s joined WalkMe as individual contributors and grew from within.

We make digital systems easy to use for everyone

WalkMe has pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to simplify user experience using insights, engagement and guidance capabilities.

WalkMe was founded in 2011 as a guidance and navigation tool and has since grown rapidly to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

We have since developed new ways to identify and engage users across platforms and devices. Proof of our impact is seen in the growing number of Fortune 500 companies using WalkMe, our growing community of global partners and expanding list of regions, industries and verticals.

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Walk the Walk With Us

WalkMe has been recognized for its exceptional culture with awards from Glassdoor, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and more.

We strive to hire passionate individuals with a drive for excellence, who live and breathe innovation and are excited to be part of our incredibly talented community of  employees. We’ve found that the winning formula for excellence is enabling and encouraging our bright talent to take charge and contribute to the company’s success by executing their creative ideas.

Through our commitment to transparency and digital oriented operations, we are able to play to the strengths of our employees, ensure our goals are aligned, and match the brilliance of our people with a community oriented environment they can thrive in. We work hard, we work together and this is what stands behind our incredible results.

What We Value

Work Smart, Play Hard
We are able to zoom out and see WalkMe’s goals, are aware of the implications of our decisions, take into account time zone differences, take ownership and work cross-functionally to achieve our goals. Oh, and we also PLAY HARD and respect people’s personal time
Get it Done/Can Do Attitude
We are excited about our global, category defining company, such that we take proactive action within and outside of our roles, through thoughtful collaboration. We believe in our individual abilities to make an impact
We authentically communicate the why: when WalkMe communicates decisions to employees, customers and partners, we authentically explain the "why” to ensure trust between all parties
Lead by Example
Everyone at WalkMe rolls up their sleeves and turns problems into opportunities
Combining company success with individual success. WalkMe employees have an equal opportunity to demonstrate value to the company and team and to be assessed, recognized and promoted for their overall (net) contribution
Customer Centric
A hands on commitment to deliver strategic value to our external and internal customers through an internal coordinated effort that prioritizes the success of our customer business

Working & Living

Interview at WalkMe

The interview process
Our interview process varies from region to region, but below you can find what a general interview process at WalkMe looks like.
Phone Interview
During the initial phone call with a recruiter from our Talent team, you will receive information on topics such as the specific the role(s) you are interested in, how the team is built, what we look for in candidates and our company culture.
Depending on the role you are applying for, the next step will require you to fulfill an assignment or exercise following the phone interview either virtually or in-person.
Onsite Interview(s)
Following the initial exercise, you will be invited for an onsite interview at your potential home office to meet with team members and/or managers related to the relevant role. Here you will get a first hand feel to what life @ WalkMe is really like!
Offer Stage
Congrats! In this final stage, the recruiter you have been in touch with will call you to discuss the contract, logistics and answer any questions you may have before receiving the formal written offer. Welcome to WalkMe :)
Interview tips
If you really want to rock your interview and blow us away, here are a few useful tips we've gathered that could help with that!
Be Resourceful
There are plenty of online resources for you to discover valuable information about our product, its different features, and the company’s vibe/history. We also recommend checking out some of our awesome customer testimonials to see us in action.
Be Genuine
In addition to emphasizing your strengths, we’d love for you to address the issues you think you could improve on as well. Most importantly, just be genuine and authentic!
Be Curious
The sky’s the limit with what you can do here at WalkMe, so don’t be afraid to push boundaries. We recommend gathering out of the box questions regarding our product and direction of the company. We promise to do as best as we can to provide you with adequate answers.