Organizations wanting to keep pace with the growing demands of the digital workforce use SuccessFactors® but can face challenges with true adoption and continuous learning.

Reinvent how you engage employees in the digital workplace

Organizations are coming to understand that the potential of HR technology goes beyond digitizing standard processes. HR platforms today are capable of boosting efficiency and productivity with staggering results.

However, these results are only possible when the employees successfully adopt the platform.

The challenge now is to reinvent how we engage employees in the digital workplace, across platforms and to the fullest extent.


"WalkMe provides efficiency and guidance within our organization."

Pam O'Connor, Assistant Vice President, Instructional Design & Technology Supervisor at First Midwest Bank

Benefits of WalkMe for SuccessFactors®:

  • Encourage self-service solutions at all levels
  • Engage employees by simplifying the user experience
  • Utilize complete system capabilities
  • Accelerate new user onboarding
  • Boost adoption with seamless cross-application engagement
  • In-the-moment help and guidance
  • Cut the learning curve in favor of knowledge retention
  • Gain access to WalkMe’s HR domain expertise
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SAP SuccessFactors Online Training:

SAP SuccessFactors HCM platform contains numerous HR modules, such as payroll, employee benefits, time off, and compensation management, among others. With successful SAP SuccessFactors online training, the platform offers high potential to increase productivity of vital HR functions.

With WalkMe’s SAP SuccessFactors online training solution, employee training is even faster and more cost-effective. Employees benefit from real-time guidance to ensure they can perform any task productively and with ease.

WalkMe for SAP SuccessFactors Training:

Enable your employees to use SAP SuccessFactors proficiently the first time they use it. WalkMe’s SAP SuccessFactors Online Training solution provides contextual guidance in the moment of need to help employees increase productivity instantly and stop wasting valuable time and resources. For a SAP SuccessFactors training demo, contact us today!

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