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Thought Leadership

E-books, white papers, and reports:

The State of Digital Adoption 2022-2023

From transformation to adoption: How enterprises can unlock value from their digital spend

IDC TechBrief: Digital Adoption Platforms

For the first time, IDC details how DAP can help you effectively use and increase returns on your tech stack.

Gartner® Infographic: Digital Workplace Innovation Impact Matrix

Discover why Gartner® lists Digital Adoption Solutions as a core ambition to a digital workplace innovation strategy.

Industry leaders are driving transformation with 360° digital adoption

Learn the essential building blocks to unlock the value of your tech stack.

Digital Adoption for Dummies - WalkMe Special Edition

Learn the fundamentals of digital adoption and the integral role it plays in achieving effective digital transformation. Quickly get to know the obstacles impeding digital adoption and the most powerful solutions.

Drive a winning CRM strategy for sales in 4 simple steps.

Uncover the four steps that will help you navigate successful digital transformation. Create engaging digital experiences for your sellers, accelerate the lead-to-close process, and drive revenue growth.

Blog Articles

WalkMe at the PEAK of Everest's matrix

Everest's latest PEAK Matrix report assessed the top digital adoption platform vendors of 2021 and WalkMe was awarded a perfect 10/10 rating! Find out why

Think Like a Leading CIO

Why CIOs know the difference between software usage vs. software adoption

Align Your Organization for Success

Why digital transformation is impossible without organizational alignment

Webinars & Videos

“What is DAP and Why Do You Need It?” with Raj Sundarason

Regional Vice President at WalkMe, Raj Sundarason, dives into how digital adoption can support your HR needs.

The Journey to Digital Enablement with PwC

In this webinar, PwC shares strategies for accelerating digital adoption as well as insights from WalkMe’s latest productivity study…

The Path to Digital Freedom with David Mallon, chief analyst at Bersin by Deloitte

David Mallon of Bersin, part of Deloitte Consulting shares how a digital adoption strategy can simplify work, enhance productivity, and liberate your workforce...

Analyst Research

Josh Bersin and Learning in the Flow of Work

Presentation on Learning In the Flow of Work: What It’s All About that was delivered at LinkedIn Talent Connect in the Fall of 2018...

Constellation Research and the Digital Adoption Platform

The portfolio of business software, websites and mobile applications employees use to get their jobs done is growing rapidly...

Gartner and the Digital Adoption Solutions

The Digital Adoption Solution is an emerging technology category that is focused on improving the adoption of multiple tools across an entire organization…