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100% Product Adoption
Onboarding Time - 60% drop
Requests for Support – 35% drop
"WalkMe has provided us an ‘always on’ help center that seamlessly integrates with our SaaS delivery model. WalkMe supports our lean training team with top-notch service dedicated to ensuring product value immediately."
Josh Courteau
Training Manager, Species 360


Prior to discovering WalkMe, Species360 found themselves experiencing significant challenges related to the implementation of their software. More specifically, these challenges centered around training new users, and supporting pre-existing users in adopting new features on their ever-evolving platform. Because the ZIMS database contains nearly 10 million animal records that represent more than 21,000 species, the company needed a solution that would teach users how to independently navigate around their software, while enabling them to fully benefit from this extensive catalogue of information. With a small customer support team based in the U.S. responsible for serving thousands of clients around the world, Species360 discovered that their live customer support model was neither sustainable nor scalable. In their search for a pro-active and scalable method to “train the trainers,” Species360 sought a one-stop-shop solution that would provide constant and consistent support, inform users about important system updates, and teach users how to perform new processes within ZIMS.


Upon implementing WalkMe, Species360 utilized WalkMe Insights to identify initial gaps within their user interface, and took this data to build and integrate customized WalkMe features into ZIMS. Species360 has built more than 30 Walk-Thrus that provide step-by-step guidance for performing any in-application process. Furthermore, Species360 implemented 20 Launchers that notify users about new system features and updates, which then contextually prompt Walk-Thrus. In an effort to educate users beyond the ZIMS platform, Species360 utilized Shuttles and Resources to suggest and redirect users to other educational resources (i.e. websites, documents, videos, etc.). Species360 also gained the ability to segment which users receive specific information within ZIMS, and target users to receive personalized emails outside of the platform. Given that ZIMS is used by individuals all around the globe, Species360 utilizes WalkMe in multiple languages to meet the demands of their diverse customer-base. WalkMe has provided even more value for the Species360 customer support team by inserting Launchers into ZIMS that notify users when a bug occurs, up until the point that the bug is resolved, thus avoiding a flood of support tickets.


WalkMe is Species360’s “always on” help center that seamlessly integrates within their SaaS delivery model, and provides support and training to their globally distributed user-base for small and single-outlet support teams who operate without shift coverage. Since implementing WalkMe, Species360 has reduced the influx of support tickets by nearly 35%, which signifies a major improvement in their overall user experience. Furthermore, training and onboarding times have decreased by over 60%, which has resulted in nearly a 100% user adoption rate. Because WalkMe is now part of the ZIMS platform, customers are able to more easily navigate and leverage the full use out of this powerful application.