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eMoney Advisor

Streamlined User Adoption
Real Time Step-by-Step Learning

eMoney Advisor, a wealth management tech platform that serves around 2 million end-clients, was experiencing high support call volumes due to the lack of a comprehensive learning experience for their end users. They were seeking an intuitive and easy-to-use training platform allows end users to self-serve on “how to” questions so that they could focus on strategic initiatives when working with their “Success Coaches.”

eMoney implemented WalkMe’s TeachMe learning management platform into their Help section, populating it with a rich range of courses and media that is easily accessible to users, available at strategic points in the learning process and allows their end users to train and onboard swiftly and at scale. After launching WalkMe on their platform, eMoney found that users who interacted with WalkMe were significantly more engaged. eMoney was able to leverage WalkMe-generated insights to personalize training and empower end users to enjoy the full benefits of eMoney’s services.

"WalkMe has helped eMoney scale and streamline user adoption and share critical messages with target audiences. We were able to create customized courses that save time, eliminate tedious work and produce meaningful and strategic conversations, enabling our customers to get the most out of our software, service and support."
Steve Levis
SVP, Client Engagement, eMoney Advisor


eMoney’s challenge with onboarding stemmed from a need for a comprehensive virtual learning experience for their end users. This void resulted in high call volumes, as appointments with Customer Success Coaches turned into training sessions on how to use the software, as opposed to being focused on best practice strategies and how to efficiently and effectively succeed with the eMoney Platform.

eMoney searched for an easy-to-navigate training platform which was easy to navigate that could live as an overlay on the eMoney application, providing learning gamification and user experience insights. eMoney needed a way to eliminate tedious point-and-click training and a strategy to shift client sessions with Success Coaches away from administrative tasks to meaningful and strategic conversations.


WalkMe is now an integral part of eMoney’s strategy to make user adoption efficient and effortless. eMoney created an external LMS utilizing WalkMe’s TeachMe Application that now lives in the Help menu. This comprehensive virtual onboarding guide is comprised of video, PDF, and Walk-Thru Flows designed to engage and interact with end users during training.

eMoney created 10 different courses in TeachMe that mimic the training process that users would typically go through with their Success Coach. They also added a Search functionality to the Help menu, allowing users to easily identify and access all of eMoney’s resources within one single place. By utilizing TeachMe, eMoney has created an entire program with 80+ self-guided Walk-Thrus and over 200 resources for bringing new users up to speed quickly and at scale.

eMoney is not designed to be a one-size fits all financial planning solution and the company prides itself on offering their users a personalized customer experience. With WalkMe, eMoney is able to offer customized coursework within TeachMe that users can complete independently. By shifting their training to this streamlined, self-serve program, customers to onboard at their own pace to the software, and yet concentrate on strategy and real-time application during their valuable and limited meetings with their Success Coach.


Six months after launching the WalkMe platform, eMoney experienced an increase in engagement for both their clients and their clients’ clients (end-users). In fact, eMoney clients who used WalkMe had nearly double the number of end-users up and running on the eMoney platform compared to those who did not complete WalkMe coursework. Clients are clearly motivated to learn the basics from WalkMe and as a result, eMoney’s Success Coaching sessions with clients have become more meaningful. With WalkMe’s help, eMoney is able to scale and personalize training across groups of advisors with very different needs. eMoney’s client onboarding program is now seamless and efficient, further empowering clients and end users to get the most of eMoney’s technology.