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Pay only for what you need. Get what you pay for.

Optimize your SaaS spend, license allocation, and software adoption with unbiased, click-by-click data across your entire enterprise tech stack with WalkMe Discovery.

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Optimize your SaaS investments.

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Reallocate the licenses you have.

Identify where you can repurpose existing spend to meet new demand. Shift licenses rather than buying more.

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Get rid of licenses you don’t need.

Right size your investment by reducing your maximum user counts or eliminating licenses for people that don’t need them.

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Drive adoption where it counts.

Use WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform to unlock the hidden value of your investment and drive better use of strategic applications.

See what app vendors aren’t showing you.

Go beyond vendor reports or dashboards to get the full story of app usage and user engagement. Maximize your advantage in contract renewals and right size your investments.

Identify wasted SaaS spend, fast.

Add data about license counts, types, and spend. Get an instant financial summary report on where you can save on costs or improve adoption based on app utilization.

Give app owners the power to maximize ROI.

With full visibility into the enterprise tech stack, any software budget owner, operations lead, finance analyst, or procurement manager can ensure an efficient spend for the business.

SaaS Management and Software Asset Management platforms take their usage data from first party application integrations. This data is limited to metrics such as last login, session lengths, or total logins. WalkMe Discovery does not require any first party integrations and provides unbiased usage data, showing only meaningful interaction with an app. This way, you get a true picture of app engagement and can make better decisions about license spend.

Organizations deploy WalkMe as an extension across their users’ browsers. This means that the platform captures all web behavior, including SaaS, Shadow IT, Homegrown Applications, AI, as opposed to being limited to what is happening on the network or what is available via first party app integrations.

Yes. IT supports deployment of the extension, but WalkMe Discovery is so intuitive that anyone in the organization can access and gain needed insights from the data, if authorized, whether that’s procurement, finance, operations, or software budget owners.

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See all that WalkMe Discovery has to offer.

See all that WalkMe Discovery has to offer.

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