Online Customer Care

Good customer care begins with intuitive self-support and a simple and engaging user experience that will increase customer loyalty.

Improve online self-service and reduce the need for support

Today’s consumers have high expectations, prioritizing customer-centric brands who offer personalized care.

Companies are under pressure to meet increasing and demanding consumer needs , amassing a heavy expenditure in call centers and support representatives.

To significantly lower the number of support tickets and slash support costs, companies can alleviate customer frustration and guide users through support solutions in real time with WalkMe.

We found that the number of calls to the call center was dramatically reduced because we leveraged WalkMe.
Tracey Metzger, Senior Manager, RBC Express

Benefits of WalkMe:

  • Reduce tickets and cut help desk costs
  • Drive self-support
  • Level-up customer experience and increase satisfaction
  • Improve user experience
  • End customer confusion
  • Anticipate mistakes and provide solutions
  • Reduce handling time and raise call center efficiency

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How to Approach Online Customer Care for Your SaaS Customers:

No matter how great your software product is, there are limits to what it can do. Inevitably, a customer will seek a feature or capability your platform doesn’t offer. The question arises: How can you keep customers happy while setting realistic expectations? Here are tips for improving online customer care for unsatisfied SaaS customers.

More Information on Online Customer Care:

Companies with exceptional online customer care create positive interactions at every touchpoint. As businesses automate more processes, they must reconsider their customer care strategy and consider how automation affects the customer experience. For example, where does the customer start having friction and struggle with automated responses? Get the deep dive from customer service guru Shep Hyken: Customer Service Doesn’t Cost. It pays.

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