What is a WalkMe Partner?

A WalkMe Partner is a person or company who is authorized, by WalkMe, to sell our product using its brand and official resource, and enjoys a revenue-sharing arrangement.

What can a WalkMe Partner do?

WalkMe Partners can sell WalkMe’s platform to customers and all the while enjoy varying reward plans according to their accumulating success and deal types. Partners may also use, free of charge, various resources provided by WalkMe, including: WalkMe trademarks, document templates, and corporate designs.

What tools do WalkMe Partners get?

In addition to percent of sales, once approved, WalkMe Partners receive a comprehensive package, which includes a detailed sales kit, media kit, personal assistance, and more.

Reward Plans

Reward plans are calculated on a monthly basis. At the end of each month, WalkMe will review the deals sealed by each partner, and rewards will be issued according to the following table. Please note, that in some cases, successful WalkMe Partners get promoted to ‘Platinum Partner’ status and receive a personal reward plan.

Our Partners

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