Maximize value by unifying workflows across platforms.

Extending the use of WalkMe beyond a single application and integrating DAP into business processes increases ROI.

Realize the full value of your tech stack

We just acquired a company for $2 billion and needed to ramp up their employees on our applications. With WalkMe, we were able to cut time-to-proficiency by about 25%.

Construction company

20,000+ employees, U.S. based

Realize the full value of your tech stack.

IDC calculates that enterprise organizations may well see a 5X return on their overall investment into WalkMe.

IDC White Paper: The Business Value of WalkMe

WalkMe customers realize $41.4 million in annual new revenue.


Faster adoption of new applications and features.


Fewer business process errors.


Faster application migrations.


Faster employee onboarding.

Enterprises of all sizes and industries benefit from WalkMe.

IDC’s study provides an in-depth look into the benefits enterprises derive from WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform.

Survey participants came from:

Global Firms Icon

Global firms

based in the United States, India, Australia, Germany, and Mexico.

Mid-sized and large enterprises icon

Mid-sized and large enterprises

ranging from 3,000 to 90,000 employees.

Unique industries

Unique industries

including information technology, construction, energy, and financial services.

Robust application portfolios icon

Robust application portfolios

with an average of 297 business applications per organization.

WalkMe is essential to the enterprise tech stack
White Paper

WalkMe is essential to the enterprise tech stack.

“We can't imagine a world where WalkMe doesn't exist.”

Information technology company
80,000+ employees, U.S. based