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DB Schenker

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Faster Training & Onboarding 6,000 Oracle CRM users

DB Schenker, a leading global provider of transportation and logistics solutions, wanted to simplify and streamline the employee training and onboarding experience for Oracle Sales Cloud CRM. With thousands of employees dispersed worldwide, it was hard to provide and maintain a consistent training experience, and employee productivity was impacted due to the widely differing programs, strategies and content. DB Schenker aimed to standardize and simplify the training process while using analytics in order to continuously improve the employee learning experience.

DB Schenker implemented multiple applications offered by WalkMe’s platform to guide confused users to task completion, alert users of new features and functionality, and contextually support users within Oracle CRM at the exact moment of need. After WalkMe’s implementation, all of DB Schenker’s thousands of Oracle CRM users spread across the globe enjoy a consistent training and onboarding experience that is quick, simple and supportive.

"WalkMe is an invaluable solution that makes Oracle Sales Cloud easy to use for our 6,000 users. Implementation was excellent, and we have been able to significantly improve the user experience, and cut upfront on-boarding time."
Maurice Weiss
Corporate CRM Project Management and Change Manager, DB Schenker


With thousands of locations worldwide, DB Schenker needed a way to train its global team on Oracle Sales Cloud CRM. Employees across the globe had inconsistent learning experiences, and were overwhelmed by the amount of information they were required to learn. In addition, training knowledge was stored in many different locations, making training an unnecessarily lengthy process. The company recognized the global challenge and made a decision to standardize and simplify the training process, while measuring users’ training progress and collecting user feedback. By streamlining the training, DB Schenker hoped to decrease upfront training time and reduce support requests, while adhering to the highest training standards and offering a consistently positive user experience.


Before discovering WalkMe, DB Schenker used a number of training tools to onboard users on Oracle Service Cloud, including user guides, demo videos, exercises, quizzes, and more. After learning about the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform, DB Schenker decided to eliminate all of the previously mentioned training tools and consolidate every element of training into one experience, powered by WalkMe.

WalkMe was launched to 6,000 global Oracle users to shorten the upfront sales training period and to provide real-time guidance. The change management team leveraged the variety of WalkMe applications ton onboard users, including Surveys, ShoutOuts, SmartTips, Walk-Thrus, and Videos, all easily accessible through the WalkMe Menu using the Search function. WalkMe offers a training experience previously not possible, allowing users to learn while they work thanks to WalkMe’s product guidance and support. Employees never even need to leave Oracle Sales Cloud if they have a question or require guidance. At the click of a readily-available button, employees are guided step-by-step to complete their tasks, instantly and efficiently.


Since launching WalkMe on Oracle Sales Cloud, DB Schenker has seen continuous employee training benefits. Onboarding and training employees on Oracle Sales Cloud is much faster. Before WalkMe was implemented, it took between 6-8 hours to onboard and train new employees; now users can learn processes in real time, at the time of need, directly from within the production environment, making training much more efficient and effective. There is no need for lengthy upfront system training, which means that employees are now more capable and productive workers at a much earlier stage in their onboarding.

In addition, WalkMe Analytics allows DB Schenker to measure user success and collect valuable, real-time feedback. DB Schenker can see how many users are completing goals, and where users are struggling. The feedback is then quickly applied to the WalkMe tools in operation in order to immediately enhance the employee experience. This change in training strategy has resulted in a sizeable reduction the upfront training time required and in the number of support queries DB Schenker receives from users after onboarding.

DB Schenker chose WalkMe to improve user experience and reduce complexity in the training and onboarding process. After integrating WalkMe into their onboarding program, the company has realized its vision of successfully cutting time and effort required in order to ramp and train new employees.