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Onboarding Time Huge Drop
Deflect to Self-Service 15-20% of Calls
Accelerate Employee Training & Onboarding

PeopleMatter is a workforce management platform designed specifically for the hourly workforce, including hospitality, restaurant, retail and service companies. Since 2009, PeopleMatter has helped more than 42,000 service-industry locations. The platform is used by some of the biggest names in the service industry, including Applebees, Del Taco, Holiday Inn, Noodles and Planet Fitness

With WalkMe, familiarizing new users with the software is faster and easier. Our customers are better equipped to work on their own and our support staff is much more efficient.
Ken Haigh
Chief Technology Officer


PeopleMatter offers a wide array of unique and advanced features to its large, growing customer base. With an abundance of diverse customers each interacting with the software in a way which suits their specific needs, PeopleMatter exerted heavy resources responding to customer inquiries related to training and support – this made implementation time longer and more costly.

PeopleMatter came to WalkMe to simplify and enhance its user experience so that onboarding was faster and more efficient, as well as to help drive greater self-service adoption. At PeopleMatter, providing users with an exceptional customer experience is a top priority.


PeopleMatter successfully implemented their first 15 Walk-Thrus in under 45 days. PeopleMatter then added another 30 Walk-Thrus, as well as other advanced features like Search and Launchers, a few months later. WalkMe provides PeopleMatter with segmentation capabilities to display Walk-Thrus to the specific needs of each user type. Context-specific guidance allows for more relevant help at the right moment in time for end-users in need.

PeopleMatter customers can easily and comfortably navigate through difficult tasks by following WalkMe’s onscreen guidance. WalkMe acquaints PeopleMatter’s new users with the wide array of capabilities quickly, so they can start gaining value from the platform immediately.


PeopleMatter has seen a positive change in the way new users interact with their software.

As a result of better, faster user adoption, PeopleMatter’s support center has seen a reduction in basic inquiries as clients are now able to help themselves using WalkMe.

Customers have embraced WalkMe’s functionality in their daily usage. Since full deployment, an average of 60,000 Walk-Thrus are played per month and customer usage of the WalkMe Search capabilities has increased by 1000%.

WalkMe’s solution for PeopleMatter means that customers can work more confidently within the platform. Onboarding times have been significantly reduced, customer support requests are minimized, and users are more successful with task completion on their own.

“With WalkMe, familiarizing new users with the software is faster and easier. Our customers are better equipped to work on their own and our support staff is much more efficient.”
Ken Haigh, Chief Technology Officer

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