Propelling Salesforce’s® reputable solution, WalkMe accelerates Salesforce training and onboarding, advances employee competency and improves data integrity.

Using Salesforce® has never been easier

A staple for organizations small and large, Salesforce® is recognized as a sophisticated CRM platform, and as such, benefits from an equally powerful adoption tool.

Organizations can be challenged to find new and effective ways to successfully onboard employees, implement relevant solutions and raise employee proficiency and productivity.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform fosters organizational growth by promoting Salesforce® proficiency for end users through contextual engagement and step-by-step guidance.


"WalkMe eliminates the need for job aid documents and has significantly reduced the case submissions to our Salesforce® support team. We love the on demand support it offers!"

Jessica Klonowski, Salesforce® Change Management & Enablement Architect, Rogers Communications

Benefits of WalkMe for Salesforce®:

  • Accelerate time-to-competency during Salesforce training
  • Improve data integrity
  • Simplify Salesforce implementation and user experience
  • Promote new Salesforce® features
  • Cut costs of updating and maintaining information
  • Raise employee productivity
  • Enhance Salesforce® proficiency
  • Gain software-use and error insights
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WalkMe for Salesforce Training:

Salesforce is a CRM system with a variety of options. Implementing Salesforce in an organization isn’t the challenge, but the Salesforce training for the employees so they can use this smart tool efficiently. No more one-on-one training, no more use of written material, no more instructional videos, no more confusion. Provide your employees online Salesforce training, on-the-job, increase employee productivity and save time and money.

WalkMe for Salesforce Training:

Salesforce training is designed to train employees everything about the options of Salesforce CRM solution. Salesforce training programs are generally for those who have no prior knowledge about Salesforce, and for those who need Salesforce administration basics configurations skills.

Why Should You Try WalkMe’s Salesforce Training?
WalkMe’s training biggest benefit is that you can implement it as needed. There is no need to pay extra cost to watch videos, search manuals or ask colleagues. Salesforce training also includes an easy step-by-step guide that gives you a better understanding of Salesforce CRM.

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