Powering Workday's® innovative solution, WalkMe accelerates Workday® training, advances employee competency and improves data integrity.

Seamless UX for a More Productive Work Day

Workday® adoption is critical to ensuring continuous process improvement and driving employee productivity.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform ingrains expertise in novice Workday® users through contextual engagement and step-by-step guidance.

Simplifying tasks and processes across multiple platforms, WalkMe stitches together disconnected systems and offers on-demand assistance to end users.


"Implementing WalkMe onto our Workday® platform has allowed us to provide a better experience for employees trying to find information or complete tasks.”

Hannah Puig-Holzman, HR Technology Operations Specialist, Adobe

Benefits of WalkMe for Workday®:

  • Accelerate time-to-competency during onboarding
  • Promote features
  • Cut costs of updating and maintaining information
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Raise data accuracy
  • Gain software-use and error insights
  • Encourage a culture of self-service
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Workday Online Training:

Workday has the potential skyrocket productivity for finance and HR functions. However, employees need thorough Workday training to get the most out of the tool. With WalkMe’s online training solution, employees receive step-by-step guidance in the moment of need to ensure they know how to use every feature to its maximum capability.

WalkMe for Workday Online Training:

WalkMe’s Workday online training solution is the ideal software training method because it eliminates the need to pull employees from their busy day to complete traditional training courses. With on-screen, contextual guidance, employees are equipped to complete tasks easily. Discover how you can improve the Workday user experience and employee productivity with WalkMe.

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