Prevent Churn Before it Happens

  • Collect hundreds of data points from users in real-time
  • Segment users dynamically based on likelihood to churn
  • Identify the optimal time to engage with users
  • Automatically target users with the right message at the right time

WalkMe AI for Customers

AI identifies struggling customers and automatically exposes them to relevant contextual guidance, or special offers, in order to increase product adoption and customer retention.

WalkMe AI for Employees

AI identifies overwhelmed employees likely to need help and automatically exposes users to relevant content that accelerates time to competency, increases productivity and ensures training success.
Data is constantly aggregated on the user state, journey, device, time and location to improve the algorithm’s ability to predict churn.
User Attributes
User role, user segment, user behavior, user progress in tasks
User Journey
Page, on-page events, TeachMe learning path, session parameters, feature usage
Technical Context
Application version, device, browser
Location and Time
Country, keyboard type, date, time