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WalkMe for AI

Drive effective and safe adoption of AI. See how AI apps are used across your organization. Roll out new AI capabilities in existing apps or introduce new AI tools with all the upside and no risk.

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WalkMe powered by AI

Eliminate friction and boost productivity. We’re building on our deep AI roots to bring you AI-driven recommendations, auto-generated user experiences and conversational automation to get work done faster.

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AI-ready with WalkMe

Future-proof your AI journey. Wherever your AI journey takes you, rest assured you'll be on a digital adoption platform purpose-built to manage any and all changes in your AI-powered tech stack.

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WalkMe for AI
All of the AI with none of the risk.

Introduce new AI capabilities to your teams right in the flow of work and minimize the risks by ensuring secure and effective adoption across your organization.

  • Measure AI usage enterprise-wide
    Get full visibility into all of the AI applications in use, who’s adopting them and how.
    WalkMe for Shadow AI
  • Help employees use AI responsibly
    Easily overlay guardrails and guidance on top of your AI tools to secure sensitive data and ensure compliance.
    AI Policy Compliance
  • Realize the full value of AI
    Raise awareness and adoption of company-provided AI tools and build best practices into the flow of work.
    AI adoption
WalkMe for Shadow AI AI Policy Compliance AI adoption

"WalkMe's strategic investment in AI clearly reflects on the transformative power of DAP. The AI revolution introduces industry-defining positions for companies who are early to innovate and move fast. WalkMe has set a promising trajectory that is both encouraging and aligned with the future of digital transformation."

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman

CEO at The Futurum Group | Chief Analyst at Futurum Research.

WalkMe powered by AI

All the power of AI in your digital adoption platform.

AI workflow insights

Data | Powered by AI

Know where to focus to eliminate digital friction with AI-powered insights.

Get AI recommendations to improve user experience across your key workflows including where you have low engagement, high errors rates, and time consuming tasks that are slowing down your employees. AI will automatically guide you to focus investments where they matter most.

AI generated workflows
AI guidance personalization
CSS AI Generation

Action | Powered by AI

Auto-generate experiences and content with AI.

We're embedding AI to write, style, and optimize in-app guidance, speeding up content creation. Automate the process of creating visuals, charts, and illustrations, writing and perfecting copy and creating segmentation rules.

AI conversational automation

Experience | Powered by AI

Accelerate productivity with conversational automation.

Get ready to revolutionize your team's interaction with any software through natural language conversations and automated workflows. Deliver a frictionless work experience, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

AI-ready with WalkMe

Future-proof your AI journey.

Drive AI Adoption

Realize the full potential of AI.  Today and tomorrow. 

AI will fundamentally change how we interact with technology. As human-computer interactions evolve, DAP is well positioned to be the unified interface for getting work done. As the leader in DAP, WalkMe will be your trusted partner along that journey to hyper-productivity.

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Our AI roots run deep.

With years of unwavering commitment to AI-first principles, we've woven AI deeply into the fabric of WalkMe. Our strategic acquisitions, investments, and numerous AI patents highlight our ability to identify and resolve digital friction at scale.

  • Global recognition
    Our commitment to AI-first principles has garnered us international awards, accelerating user experiences across industries.
    WalkMe AI Awards
  • Strategic expansion
    We've expanded our AI capabilities through strategic acquisitions of innovative AI startups, paving the way for seamless AI adoption.
    WalkMe AI Acquisitions
  • Patented technologies
    With 14 AI-focused patents, our pioneering technologies are driving frictionless, innovative digital adoption.
    WalkMe AI Patents
  • Tangible business outcomes
    WalkMe’s AI solutions transform businesses, ensuring efficient adoption of AI tools, improving productivity, and yielding significant ROI. Read more here
    WalkMe AI Adoption
WalkMe AI Awards WalkMe AI Acquisitions WalkMe AI Patents WalkMe AI Adoption

Our AI principles.

We maniacally follow a few guiding principles as we bring new capabilities to accelerate digital adoption with AI.

WalkMe’s guiding principles for AI development


We seek to help people get the most from technology by giving them the power to decide how technology will help in their work.



We will always provide the transparency and paper trail needed to audit the actions executed by generative AI. 


Data integrity

We will never update, remove, add, or otherwise alter information in a system without human confirmation.



We keep proprietary information including PII and PCI data strictly confidential.

Everest Group Report

Everest Group Report

Evolving with AI: The Rise of Next-generation Digital Adoption Platforms

Discover how next-gen DAPs empower a future-ready workforce in the latest report by Everest Group. This report sheds light into how AI-powered DAPs deliver elevated productivity, unified experiences, and rapid ROI.

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