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Onboarding & training

Onboard and train in the flow of work.

Onboard and train new and existing employees on any software fast with guidance and support right when and where they need it most.

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Don’t let change outpace growth.

Break free from inadequate, costly traditional training methods slowing you down. Stay ahead of the pace of change by helping employees acquire proficiency in new technologies fast, so they can navigate complex systems and thrive from day one.

Learn in the flow of work.

Get started on the right foot.

Get started on the right foot.

Whether managing new hires or new software, onboard employees to any software across the tech stack fast.

faster time-to-proficiency for new team members.
Personalize learning in-app.

Personalize learning in-app.

Build task-specific training experiences that enhance employee skills, performance, and productivity without disrupting their work.

training hours eliminated.
Eliminate outdated training methods.

Eliminate outdated time-consuming methods.

Take a 100% digital approach, eliminating the never ending cycle of costly, time consuming, and outdated in-person training.

fewer support calls per month.

Take training from reactive to proactive.

Uncover friction across applications and workflows. Get real-time process insights to continually adapt how work gets done and drive employee satisfaction and development.


Deliver training at scale.

Create in-app, on-the-go learning that gets employees up to speed and productive in no time. Eliminate costly and inefficient live training. Replace frustrating video tutorials and confusing documentation with self-serve, contextual support.


Meet employees wherever they are.

Deliver personalized training and onboarding that overcomes language barriers and remote work challenges. Integrate new processes and software in the flow of work to boost digital dexterity with ease.

Calculate the potential business impact of WalkMe.

Get a customized report breaking down the real value you could gain from your existing software in cost savings, increased productivity, improved workflow efficiency, and more with WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform.

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Calculate the potential business impact of WalkMe.

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