The Digital Adoption Platform

WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to simplify the user experience using insights, engagement, guidance capabilities and automation

Our technology drives users to adopt digital systems.

System guidance when and where it is needed

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) walks users through the most efficient and tailored route for them when they request it. The guidance layer simplifies the user experience without making changes to the underlying system.

Your users, whether they are employees or customers, may not know that there are alternative options within the system to achieve their goal. The DAP places strategic information in the context of their immediate experience.

The guidance layer is added on top of the existing website or platform. Within this layer, tools such as Walk-Thrus, Launchers and TeachMes guide users with dynamic step-by-step instructions.


Tools that trigger deep engagement

The Digital Adoption Platform engages users with the information you want them to have, not just the information they seek. The DAP reaches out to proactively expose users to relevant content, new features, and what matters to your bottom line.

Users don’t always get the help they need because they either don’t know that they need help or they don’t believe there is a solution to their problem. In some cases, confusing or hard to find tutorials have convinced the user that there isn’t a good way to get answers.

SmartTips and ShoutOuts grab the user’s attention to drive action. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, the DAP understands when and where guidance is needed, how to implement assistance and who needs it.

Insights that improve how systems are used

The DAP gathers information on system usage by looking at how users interact with WalkMe and the underlying system, what paths they take and where errors occur to then identify important patterns and behaviors.

WalkMe Insights reveals previously unknown obstacles and opportunities to guide and engage users. With this feedback, organizations can then use the DAP guidance and engagement tools, to remove these obstacles, seize opportunities and gain the most value of the digital assets.

The DAP includes unique analytics on how users engage with a system, factoring in advanced data to identify “happy moments” for engagement, machine learning to grow its understanding and artificial intelligence for novel analysis.

Automation that radically improves the employee experience

The WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) eliminates the need for employees to learn new habits or break old ones when using software applications. Today, employees are constantly befuddled by the numerous steps and input required when navigating within various business solutions.

WalkMe Automation eradicates the need for prior application knowledge and eliminates the learning curve associated with using any business software by auto-populating fields and auto-completing steps across systems – so that the user only needs to perform a quick review and a single click.

WalkMe Automation delivers an easy, streamlined, cross-platform experience that lowers user frustration and results in immediate productivity gains across the organization.

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The WalkMe Player is a code-free extension or snippet that places the WalkMe layer on top of existing websites, systems and platforms, making visible the WalkMe guidance applications to users and to gauge their behavior.

By attaching WalkMe applications and logic to the user-interface elements in the underlying platform, adapting to it and users to user actions, the WalkMe Player is able to guide users, grab their attention, make suggestions, anticipate their behavior and ensure successful goal completion.



The WalkMe Editor is the administrative tool used to create, maintain, manage and deploy WalkMe’s interactive components. Using the Editor, administrators easily customize WalkMe to fit their organizational needs, creating a dynamic user experience across their organization’s internal and external systems.

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is “platform agnostic”, meaning the administrator can create step by step instructions, workflows, conversion funnels, or any other engagement process for their users on any platform or platforms.



Insights includes a suite of system analytics and intelligence tools for organizations to maximize the value of their digital assets.

Data is collected independent of any one system, allowing a larger view of how users engage with and work through multiple systems. The information collected is granular, identifying the clicks, gestures, and workflows of specific users and sessions. The collective information shows what obstacles and opportunities the organization has for improving the user experience.

In addition to the raw data, artificial intelligence and machine learning identify patterns and suggest where the biggest impact can be made. This quantitative, qualitative and comparative information is presented in easily digestible dashboards and tables with a host of data-mining tools.