WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform

WalkMe adapts software to meet the needs of your employees and customers. WalkMe’s patented technology places an invisible overlay on top of all applications, allowing businesses to gain insights into user behavior and create in-application experiences that empower users to be more productive and efficient.

WalkMe’s technology drives users to adopt digital systems

Guide Users Through Any Complicated Process

WalkMe simplifies any online process by providing step-by-step in-application guidance using Walk-Thrus. Users can immediately adopt complex processes without any training by just following a series of interactive tip balloons.


  • Guide users through any process just like a GPS
  • Validate text entry to reduce errors and improve efficiency
  • Cover processes that include logic, branching or even move between applications
  • Eliminate training when updating processes and releasing new features

Proactively Engage the right user at the right time

WalkMe uses AI and contextual awareness to engage with users at just the right time and place. Instead of a user searching for help, WalkMe proactively displays content to users based on their location, time, system, predicted behavior and even based on their interaction with software.


  • Automatically engage with users when they need help
  • Provide contextual buttons and tooltips for immediate access to support
  • Notify employees of important news in your application or have messages appear on their computer desktop
  • Trigger content based on AI predicted behavior
  • Show helpful validation tips when users make mistakes
  • Collect employee feedback with surveys or gauge customer loyalty with NPS surveys
  • Personalize WalkMe experience by user role, region, or product type

Insights Not Just Analytics

With WalkMe Insights, enterprises can understand how to drive transformational change. Find out where users struggle, what features are underutilized and where inefficiencies exist.


  • Track all user behavior with the flick of a switch
  • Monitor adoption of key processes and features over time
  • Use AI to discover behaviors that lead to user error and wasted time
  • Find out why users drop off during important processes
  • Go beyond dashboards and watch real user session videos
  • Data and event-based integrations for business applications

Automate the Employee Experience

Simplify the user experience and boost productivity by eliminating empty clicks and automating tedious and complex tasks. WalkMe Automation operates on top of any enterprise solution for both the front-end employee, as well as the back-office. WalkMe Automation reduced user frustration and results in immediate productivity gains across the organizations.

WalkMe Automation can be built by any business user. Use WalkMe insights to discover inefficiencies, then simply click record and capture processes from end-to-end and in minutes there is an automated process.

  • Break old habits and drive real adoption
  • Create happy engaged employees
  • Increase productivity and reduce errors

Get more from your software

Complete end-to-end solution

Complete end-to-end solution

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform provides a holistic solution that drives adoption across all software platforms with minimal effort.


  • Supports web, mobile, and desktop applications
  • No coding or R&D effort required
  • Powered by advanced artificial intelligence
  • In-depth user behavior analytics
  • Intuitive in-app experience Editor
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Integrates with key software

Be everywhere your employees work

Be everywhere your employees work

Enterprises heavily invest in software to help employees get work done, so they need a platform that’s everywhere their employees work. WalkMe’s DAP platform allows businesses to drive adoption across all applications from web and desktop to mobile apps.


  • Modern SaaS/Browser based software
  • Internal and external iOS and Android apps
  • Mobile web applications
  • Desktop PC applications

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

WalkMe uses the most advanced AI technologies to enhance all aspects of its platform, from offering business insights that improve productivity to predicting the future behavior of users during live sessions.


  • Detect inefficiencies by analyzing thousands of user behavior touchpoints
  • Identify business processes through user journey analysis
  • Predict in real-time which users are likely to churn or need extra help
  • Engage with the right users at the right moment to maximize outcomes
  • Understand user interfaces to easily build on any application
  • Interpret natural language to enhance front-end automation