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Employee Productivity

With WalkMe, transform the digital employee experience as you drive employee adoption of your most business critical software.

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Just in time help & support.

Provide employees with contextual, just in time help - no matter where they are.

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Prioritize accuracy for efficiency.

Streamline processes with automation to eliminate user errors and uphold data integrity.

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Gain visibility into where employees struggle.

Improve productivity by tracking and analyzing software usage and actionable insights to identify where employees struggle.

How it works

Employee experience that drives business value.

To achieve value, digital transformation has to go hand in hand with digital adoption, making it a priority in implementing technology and laying a wide range of positive effects for the users from proficiency to productivity.

The Challenge

Increased software leaves productivity at a standstill.

Employees are distraught by long onboarding and training sessions, constant change and complicated business processes, as executives look to prioritize how to make digital transformation stick.

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Sprinklr boosts productivity, improves user experience, and reduces support for both employees and customers with WalkMe.


Reduced employee support tickets


Increase in time spent in-app


Increase in top feature adoption

We use WalkMe for both our employee-facing applications and our customer-facing SaaS solutions, and our time to value was within 90 days for both use cases. Creating a frictionless employee experience leads directly to customer happiness and overall growth. With WalkMe, employee support tickets reduced by up to 85% and the customer time in the Sprinklr platform increased by 30% in the last year.

Asha Aravindakshan

VP of Customer Delight and Operations
Use WalkMe across your sales stack
Our solution

Accelerating employee productivity from day one.

With WalkMe, gain visibility into user experiences and design user journeys that drive employee productivity and efficiencies across your most business-critical applications.

Discover more about WalkMe for employee productivity.

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