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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Streamlined Onboarding Engaging 70% of New Users
Engaged Global Audience in 10 Languages
Workday® Releases with Reduced Maintenance

With more than 10,000 Thermo Fisher Scientific employees added annually, the HR team’s use of Workday® was challenged by providing training clarity in employee onboarding documentation, global language/location adjustments, and the integration of Workday® release and process changes.

By implementing WalkMe, the HR team easily created role-specific onboarding guides for just-in-time guidance through Workday® onboarding documentation. In addition, WalkMe supported the HR team’s need for custom fields in Workday® documentation for multiple languages.

The result was more than 46,000 new employee interactions and 70% engagement with WalkMe’s customized support for Workday®, along with customized language fields benefitting more than 6,100 employees globally. Thermo Fisher Scientific now has a highly proactive and adaptable process for employee change management.

WalkMe allows Thermo Fisher Scientific to provide up-to-date, easily accessible training in 10 languages to their 70,000 global employees using Workday®. WalkMe streamlines and shortens their system onboarding process and reduces their support issues and human errors.


With over 70,000 employees globally, Thermo Fisher Scientific needed to think strategically about the roll out their new HR software, Workday®. The HR Technology Services team knew it would be a cumbersome task to create training documentation for their different processes, translate it into 10 different languages, and update it with every Workday® version release or internal process change. Additionally, Thermo Fisher wanted to provide a personalized, just-in-time training experience to their employees, regardless of the employee’s location or access to live training and help.


In order to support a seamless migration to Workday, the HR Technology Services team created role-specific onboarding guides using a combination of WalkMe apps, like Onboarding Tasks, Walk-Thrus, Launchers & Segmentation. These tailored experiences helped each employee navigate the system and complete their tasks with minimal confusion or disruption.

Even post initial transition, these experiences continues to add value as the organization grows. Thermo Fisher frequently acquires new companies and must onboard up to 10,000 new employees at a time to their organization and systems. These WalkMe onboarding guides help to manage new users and new processes at scale, and is easy to maintain even as the Workday® UX changes.

WalkMe isn’t only about training for Thermo Fisher. They also love WalkMe’s ability to draw users’ attention to important information within the application and push people towards the right behaviors. In one example, employees struggled to complete the Job Requisition Request process on their first attempt. By using a WalkMe Survey to collect real-time user feedback, the team learned that users started the process without possessing the necessary information required to complete. The team created an automatic ShoutOut that played at the onset of the process, which listed everything needed in advance and helped guide the users in how to retrieve that information. Once collected, the user could efficiently complete the process in one sitting.

Lastly, WalkMe helps the Thermo Fisher team overcome certain product limitations and tailor content for specific audiences. One example of this is related to challenges with custom fields, which can’t be translated into supported languages and can’t be marked as mandatory. With WalkMe, Thermo Fisher created Launchers that translate the custom fields into the 10 supported languages, and then segmented those Launchers to display to the user in the native language instead of the default text. They also added a red asterisk to mandatory custom fields, giving the user a visual cue to complete. Solutions like this help to ensure that all users can efficiently complete their processes, reducing user confusion and support requests.


For Thermo Fischer, the primary business goal with WalkMe was to provide scalable, real-time training and support to users globally, and they measure success based on usage data provided by WalkMe Insights robust analytics.

In the last year alone, 46,000 Thermo Fisher employees interacted with almost 555,000 WalkMe items. 70% of new users to Workday® engage with their personalized WalkMe onboarding experience, and 83% of users continue to engage with WalkMe on a recurring basis for training and support.

WalkMe Insights also allows Thermo Fisher to get more granular with the data, to see how specific solutions are impacting user behaviors. For example, since deploying the automatic Job Requisition Request ShoutOut, an average of 5,800 employees per quarter benefit from its contextual messaging to complete the process on first attempt. Additionally, the solutions they built to overcome custom field product limitations benefit over 6,100 employees globally, empowering users to accurately fill out forms without any confusion.

Updating content after a Workday® version release is easier than ever. From previous professional experience working with Workday®, the HR Technology Services team members knew that version release usually required a 6 month period to update all training documentation. With WalkMe, the team’s need to update documentation and screenshots is basically eliminated. This saves the team a tremendous amount of time and energy, allows them to focus on more important initiatives, and ensures that end-users don’t go without accurate and up-to-date help.

Most importantly, the experience Thermo Fisher creates with WalkMe empower the company to create a systemic, proactive approach to Change Management. Whether it’s introducing new users, new processes, or UI changes in Workday®, WalkMe has enabled Thermo Fisher to effectively and efficiently lead employees through their organizational changes.

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