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for Sales

Unlock data and generate actionable insights needed to increase app adoption across your sales org. Create engaging user experiences for your sellers, accelerate lead-to-close processes, and automate workflows to drive revenue growth faster.

user journeys

Visualize and enhance user behavior.

Get data on software usage, productivity, and pain points to drive efficiency and optimize user experience.

data accuracy

Boost data integrity and forecasting.

Ensure accurate data entry through automation and proactive alerts, thereby improving forecasting.


Accelerate time-to-competency.

Shorten onboarding and ramp-up time with on-the-go and task-specific training.

How it works

Streamline the process from lead to value.

WalkMe gives you a visual representation of CRM and sales app usage, enabling informed, data-driven decision-making needed to accelerate sales adoption, performance, and revenue.

The Value

Increase proficiency and speed.

Technical challenges and knowledge gaps with CRM and sales apps slow your organization way down. Seamless in-app guidance and process automation enable your sales team to work smarter, faster.

sales organization graph
Thermo Fisher Scientific logo

Thermo Fisher Scientific uses WalkMe to empower their sales organization and ensure data integrity.


improvement in data accuracy


reduction in Salesforce®-related support tickets.


of users rely on WalkMe for ongoing training and support.

“WalkMe helps boost employee productivity, Salesforce® software adoption – achieves 2,000% data accuracy improvement”

~ Michele Giacomuzzi

Manager, Sales Enablement, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Our solution

Introducing UI Intelligencefor Microsoft Dynamics 365™ and Salesforce® Lightning

Get automated insights into how your sellers interact with forms visualizing where they get stuck, spend wasteful time, or abandon workflow processes. Leverage this data to drive higher completion rates, ignite productivity, and improve data accuracy.

Discover more about WalkMe for Sales.

Drive a winning CRM strategy for sales in 4 simple steps.

Four steps that will help you create engaging digital experiences for your sellers, accelerate the lead-to-close process, and drive revenue growth.

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Turn CRM users into sales outperformers

Maximize your revenue potential and give your sellers the realtime support they need to navigate business-critical CRM apps with ease and accuracy.

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