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Guidance creation

Resolve digital friction fast.

Create meaningful and personalized guidance for users in the flow of work using WalkMe’s low-code editor. Adapt to new processes, software, and shifting business priorities with ease.

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Build better workflows.

Craft meaningful content that fits the specifics of your business. Use branches, splits, and user logic to design guidance tailored to your most complex workflows.

Give each user the right content at the right time.

Deliver relevant content at the exact point of need so it’s not disruptive to your employees’ workflow. Use segmentation rules and conditions to decide what content to show to the user and when.

Design seamless notifications.

Create experiences so integrated into your apps and workflows that your employees won’t even know it’s WalkMe behind the scenes!

Turn insights directly into guidance.

Make data-driven decisions about where to focus your precious effort and build guidance for the real points of friction in your workflows.

Fast support within the flow of work.

Get personalized assistance to quickly resolve any problems when creating guidance. Receive context recommendations to improve your content with the help of AI.

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Avoid starting from scratch with pre-built user workflows 

Avoid starting from scratch with pre-built user workflows

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Eliminate tedious steps and enforce consistency with automation

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Receive AI-powered building assistance right from the Editor

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