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Tyler Technologies

"How-to" support requests 31% Drop
Simplified Self Service 550,000 Clients
"Personally I am very passionate about WalkMe. In my experience, when a client has WalkMe available, I make it a point to show them how WalkMe can help them. I look at my position as an educator. WalkMe helps me give my audience on-screen assistance for during our interaction but is also there for them to reference on their own in the future. I believe this is the tool we needed to make our filers more comfortable with electronic filing."
Taylor Rednose
Software Support Representative, Courts & Justice, Tyler Technologies


With clients across North America and overseas, Tyler Technologies strives to provide a user-friendly and effortless solution to help their employees and clients adopt their powerful information management system. Before implementing WalkMe, the Tyler team spent several hours tending to support tickets related primarily to “how-to” questions. Given that Tyler’s diverse user base recently grew beyond 550,000 people, the number of support-related calls also began to rise. The majority of Tyler’s clients desired an easy-to-use solution that would offer a consistent and customized experience for all people regardless of their technical abilities and prior knowledge of the Tyler Technologies interface. Tyler Technologies sought a solution that would integrate seamlessly into their platform, and eliminate their need to alter or re-build their pre-existing products.


Each client uses Tyler Technologies in a unique way that relates specifically to county, state, or country policies. Tyler needed a guidance and engagement platform that was customizable, easy-to-use, and quick to launch; WalkMe immediately made it possible for Tyler Technologies to segment users’ experiences by waiting for certain conditions to be met before launching a step-by-step interactive tutorial that can also be initiated on-demand.

To reduce client support calls, Tyler used WalkMe to assist clients in performing any task in real-time from start-to-finish. This implementation was important for Tyler because both first-time and returning clients could now be guided step-by-step through any process while actually completing the task at hand. Furthermore, this open support system improved the overall user experience of their platform by enabling clients to revisit, re-learn and perform processes at any given time. Tyler also utilized WalkMe Insights analytics which enabled their staff to better understand clients’ specific needs, and target them with relevant language and support.


The WalkMe platform provides Tyler Technologies with contextual step-by-step guidance that addresses all of Tyler’s client concerns.

Tyler experienced a 31% decrease in “how-to” support calls, leading to a 23% decrease in overall volume over a 5 month period. As a result, the support team has gained back valuable time that can now be dedicated towards performing value-driven actions for clients.

WalkMe also enables Tyler Technologies to provide in-application support, which has resulted in higher goal completion rates and an improved user experience and reduced user frustration. Additionally, WalkMe’s analytics system can suggest specific resources to Tyler’s clients through precise segmentation which has increased self service adoption and overall client satisfaction.