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BMO Financial Group

Customer support requests 50% Drop
Development costs Significant reduction
"We were seeking ways to increase scalability of our support operations and drive adoption of critical banking functionality, without driving a software development cost – with WalkMe we achieved this."
Sarah Cairns
Initiative Manager


The banking industry is embracing the digital age. Top priorities have shifted to a focus on transforming online platforms to better serve customers and to drive revenue. BMO’s planned upgrades to existing services would dramatically change its customers’ experience online, so it was looking for a way to mitigate any trouble its customer might face.

BMO was looking for a solution to the challenges impacting its support teams, while not overwhelming development with new features for in-product help. BMO’s helpdesk was already at capacity with support calls, and with planned upgrades to services, was not equipped to handle the increase in incoming requests.

Additionally, BMO was interested in quickly migrating users to new functionality, without relying solely on email and other external communication methods. Customers had indicated that they wanted new ways to learn and receive help, without long wait times on the phone for customer support representatives.

There were a number of success criteria that led BMO to WalkMe. The overarching goal was to help customers navigate the site easily and effectively. One pain point for BMO was that it wasn’t completely clear to customers when they made an error, therefore support representatives were inundated with high volumes of calls to clear up customer confusion. BMO needed a solution that would clear up customer confusion in the moment of need, without picking up the phone, which would lead to fewer support requests, and users utilizing all the site’s features.


BMO utilizes WalkMe to guide its users to task completion on commercial banking processes, and critical day-to-day businesses, ultimately enhancing its users’ experience. The addition of Walk-Thrus, Tool-tips, and Shout Outs deflect calls to customer support, and result in faster resolution of issues and adoption of new tools. With WalkMe, BMO is able to enhance its existing support infrastructure without involving its technology department. This lets the technology department focus on initiatives that drive revenue and value for BMO.

BMO also uses WalkMe to assist with change management on its system. Walk-Thrus and Auto-starts highlight relevant areas on the site that are new or recently changed, to encourage feature use and minimize user confusion.

“We were seeking ways to increase scalability of our support operations and drive adoption of critical banking functionality, without driving a software development cost – with WalkMe we achieved this.” Sarah Cairns, Initiative Manager, BMO Financial Group


By implementing WalkMe, BMO was able to increase user adoption of key services on their site. Customers are now quickly notified of critical platform outages and changes, which results in a better user experience without the need to engage the development teams. BMO is able to avoid weeks of development time when new features are introduced with the implementation of WalkMe applications.

There was also a reduced burden on the customer support teams, because there were 50% fewer customer support requests. Customers were able to successfully complete complicated tasks on their own, without frustration and the need for assistance. Because BMO was able to capture immediate customer feedback with WalkMe’s advanced analytics, they were able to anticipate future support requests and alleviate challenges by adding and changing Walk-Thrus to best support their customers.

WalkMe was identified as one of the most powerful support tools in surveys issued to BMO customers who had experienced a service upgrade. BMO was able to reduce incoming support calls by 50%. “The business value delivered by WalkMe was so great that we are in the process of expanding the solution to other lines of business.” Sarah Cairns, Initiative Manager