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Our commitment to diversity reaches beyond us to the suppliers we work with.

We know that greater diversity in our supply base means increased innovation, resulting in better products and services for our Team Members and customers.

WalkMe’s Supplier Diversity Commitment

WalkMe actively seeks to provide diverse and small businesses an opportunity to participate in our procurement activities. We are excited to partner with, grow and develop diverse businesses in our supply base as this drives value and supports economic development in the communities we serve.

For more information about WalkMe’s Supplier Diversity Policy and Code of Conduct, click the link below

Code of Conduct
WalkMe’s Supplier Diversity Commitment
WalkMe is open to partnering with any potential supplier, regardless of size. Suppliers interested in doing business through WalkMe’s Supplier Diversity Program must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident and 51% owned and operated by a woman, minority, veteran, person with disability, LGBTQ, or a socio-economically disadvantaged small business.

To be considered a Tier 1: Diverse or Small Business Supplier, a company must meet certain qualifications. If you have questions about working with WalkMe as a Diverse Supplier or our Tier 1 qualifications, please see our Supplier Diversity FAQs.
Tier 1 Diverse Suppliers
WalkMe extends our commitment to working with small and diverse businesses to our Tier 2 suppliers. We expect our suppliers to share our values around DEI and to further opportunities for diverse and small businesses within their own procurement processes.

WalkMe suppliers who contract work to qualified diverse business enterprises (direct Tier 2) or use such enterprises to provide goods and services contributing to their business (indirect Tier 2) are considered a Tier 2 supplier and are part of the WalkMe Supplier Diversity Program.
Tier 2: Indirect Supplier Qualifications
Tier 1 Diverse Suppliers
Tier 2: Indirect Supplier Qualifications

Register with Us

We welcome registrations from diverse and underrepresented owned businesses globally. A diverse-owned business is one that is majority-owned (51% and higher) and operated by women, racial or ethnic minorities, persons identifying as LBGBTQ+, persons with a disability or veterans.

By registering, you are opting in to WalkMe’s Internal Diverse Supplier Database. This creates visibility and opportunity for future partnerships and connections. To register, please fill out the Supplier Diversity Registration Form.

For more information about WalkMe’s Supplier DIversity Commitments and Policy contact:

Supplier Diversity Registration Form
Register with us

WMBE is an acronym for woman- or minority-owned business enterprise.

In this program, diverse groups are defined as: African-American; Asian-Indian American; Asian-Pacific American; Hispanic-American; Native American/Aboriginal; Women, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender; Person with a disability; Veteran with a disability; and Veterans.

To qualify as a small business, you must be certified by a recognized agency. These include:

Your profile and capabilities are reviewed and submitted to the relevant sourcing and procurement team.  Your company will be contacted directly by the sourcing and procurement team if there are bid opportunities that align with your company’s capabilities.

You can contact any of the 3rd party certification agencies listed that you identify with or one of their regional affiliates for their certification process and fees.

No. In all of our sourcing and procurement opportunities, WalkMe awards business to the right supplier, based on quality, service and value.

Please contact our sourcing and procurement team at