• Support Calls 50% Reduction
  • Support Call Time 30% Reduction
  • Slash Costs and Improve Experience
Planet Soho

PlanetSoho is an online platform that includes a comprehensive suite of applications for effective management of small and home office businesses. The suite includes invoicing, tracking, CRM, leads generation, document management, inventory management, communication tools and much more.

WalkMe is such a great service - it has actually managed to save us 50% on support representative costs, increased user engagement by over 10% and all of this without any effort from our side. I strongly recommend every SaaS company to try it.
- Ron Daniel CEO at PlanetSoho

THE Challenge

With rapid growth (over 750,000 businesses), a diverse customer base, and expanding business solutions, PlanetSoho had to find efficient ways to train and support its customers. Like the rest of the industry, PlanetSoho was using common online tools, such as ‘how-to’ video’s, help files and live chat support. However, PlanetSoho found that it spends time, attention, and significant amounts of money on creating and updating its video and help files, which its users seldom used. PlanetSoho had to continuously grow its help-desk expense on support staff to address the growth in its customer base.

WHY WalkMe

When Ron Daniel, founder and CEO of PlanetSoho, saw WalkMe, he immediately realized the potential benefits to his company and decided to implement it. What he found especially appealing was the fact that unlike video tools, a WalkMe “Walk-Thru” appears on-screen, interacting with the user’s actions, and does not require the user to go back and forth between the video screen and the application. Another major advantage was that the WalkMe system continues to function properly, even after site changes and updates.

THE Solution

Implementing WalkMe proved to be a simple process – where PlanetSoho marketing people with no technical background wrote dozens of “Walk-Thru’s” in days, turning the business processes that needed to be explained into a step-by-step guided process. The initial test case implementation took less than a day and proved to be effective beyond expectations.

When PlanetSoho went live with the WalkMe system, its employees immediately observed a dramatic drop in the usage of their video tutorials, and continued to the point where as a whole, its users virtually stopped using its videos. Another immediate effect was sharp decrease in the volume and length of their support calls. Following these immediate benefits, PlanetSoho also observed an increase in users’ engagement and users’ satisfaction over the first months with WalkMe. Looking at the Analytics of WalkMe, PlanetSoho was able also to track cases where users did not complete a process, thus improving the specific process to increase conversion.

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