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Turn AI promise into business reality.

For companies to realize the full potential of AI, it needs to be used everyday. By everyone. WalkMe gives you the visibility and platform to achieve the user adoption you need to deliver real business impact and reach your goals.

Turn AI promise into business reality

Stay ahead of AI change

AI visibility & control.

AI visibility & control.

Get insight into employees’ AI usage to measure and govern which applications your teams are using, and what impact it’s having.

Of enterprises are concerned about data and security threats from generative AI.
AI Adoption.

AI Adoption.

Drive the business impact of enterprise-sanctioned AI tools by ensuring awareness, adoption and proficiency for all employees.

Of success in AI comes from change management and other people processes.
Contextual AI assistance.

Contextual AI assistance.

Accelerate AI impact by providing contextual assistance on any app or workflow with one seamless copilot.

Of employees are concerned about AI’s lack of understanding of context.

Data, guidance, and guardrails on AI usage.

You can’t control what you can’t see. Get full visibility into AI usage for over 1,000 genAI sites. Quickly add AI-specific guardrails and guidance to prevent sensitive data and risky behavior while enabling employees to experiment, innovate, and see the impact.

AI visibility & control

AI adoption and expertise in the flow of work.

Generative AI is a powerful investment, but only if your employees use it. Unlock AI’s full potential for your business by ensuring they know the tools they have available and provide training and support in the moment of need.

AI adoption

Contextual AI assistance across all your apps and workflows.

Make AI accessible, proactive, and actionable for everyone, with a copilot that has the context to provide every user with the next best action for any workflow, wherever they are.

Discover WalkMeX: Your AI copilot for every workflow
Contextual AI assistance

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Meet WalkMeX - Your context-aware copilot for any workflow
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Meet WalkMeX - Your context-aware copilot for any workflow.

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