#1 Source of Lead Generation
Sales Cycle Shortened by 50%
4x faster Close rate
"Using WalkMe during the demo experience has helped us learn so much about our buyer, because our prospects vary across industry and market segments, understanding their personas and use cases helps us prioritize leads and which deals to attack."
Matt Darrow
VP of Product, Zuora


As a growth company, Zuora’s objectives are to build demand generation, drive conversions, and work sales cycles more efficiently. Zuora found that most of their prospects want to test drive Zuora’s software before entering into a conversation with their sales team. Furthermore, Zuora needed a tool that would segment messaging for each unique user who accesses their website. Zuora faced continuous challenges around launching new products and updates, without disrupting their customer’s daily interactions with the platform. The combination of these issues influenced Zuora to find a solution that would tackle all obstacles of navigating prospects through an initial test drive of their platform, in addition to helping pre-existing users acclimate to a dynamic user database.


In an effort to engage their customers more proactively, Zuora launched a free software trial powered by WalkMe on their website. Based each user’s persona, WalkMe’s contextual segmentation gives Zuora the ability to offer personalized demo experiences to each customer by only presenting Walk-Thrus that drive them through relevant processes. In addition, Zuora transformed their customer facing analytics and reporting dashboard by implementing WalkMe Insights, which provides valuable and complex data about their own customers. Lastly, Zuora decided to provide pre-existing customers with the ability to utilize Walk-Thrus to guide them through any in-application process from the moment they log into Zuora’s platform, which also alerts them of any updates made to the platform by then guiding step-by-step about how to perform that process.


Soon after launching WalkMe to help new users navigate around Zuora’s free demo, it immediately became Zuora’s #1 asset for lead and pipeline generation, as well as Zuora’s best performing tool for converting prospects into qualified leads and opportunities. By capitalizing on WalkMe’s ability to tailor the free demo to each user, it became simple for Zuora to track the behavior of leads, and feed this information directly into their CRM which resulted in a 50% drop of their sales cycle across the board. Likewise, Zuora found that it became easier to build a pipeline, qualify leads and that overall, customers who utilized WalkMe closed at a rate 4x faster than customers who did not. WalkMe also enables Zuora to implement significant updates within its user interface without interrupting their customer’s experience. It does so by applying Walk-Thrus to alert users of changes, and teaching them how to adapt to the evolving platform. Overall, WalkMe has allowed Zuora to significantly improve the experience of their first-time users as well as pre-existing users while engaging with their product, ultimately putting them and their customers on the path to success.


“Once the individual customer was in deal cycle, we saw that the sales cycle collapsed by over 50% across every single one of our market segments, making it easier to find pipeline, qualify for the sales reps, and make it much faster for them to go and close those opportunities.” Matt Darrow, Vice President, Zuora