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MD On-Line

Implementation and Onboarding Accelerated
Support Requests Huge Drop
Accelerate Employee Training & Onboarding
We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers, WalkMe reassured even our most hesitant users, as online tasking became infinitely more manageable. You could see the change in customer attitude immediately - it was astounding.
Cory Lewis
Marketing Brand Manager at MDOL


MDOL is constantly innovating. Their robust systems are consistently being improved, and their product teams regularly release exciting new features to best meet customer demands. With a growing customer base engaging in an agile environment, MDOL needed a method to help their customers quickly navigate their web Portal and utilize the system to maximum advantage.

MDOL’s challenges were specific to 2 product platforms: its fully integrated practice management (PM)/electronic medical records (EMR) system, as well as its EDI services for electronic claims submission. Prior to using WalkMe, MDOL’s PM/EMR offered 1-on-1 support and training services and product training videos to customers going through the on boarding process, while EDI provided 1-on-1 support, manuals and list of FAQs to new signups. With multiple product iterations and a need to comply with myriad industry regulations, these support materials required frequent updates.

For their PM/EMR platform, MDOL sought to reduce the amount of time and financial resources attributed to 1-on-1 customer training, as well as handle queues during periods of high growth. For MDOL’s EDI solution, the challenge was finding a way to effectively train a customer base of nearly 90,000 healthcare providers. Given this, MDOL sought out a method to help customers self-task online.


WalkMe provided MDOL’s PM/EMR customers with a personalized and customized online experience. Assistance is deployed at the point of purchase, reducing the need for 1-on-1 training and answering basic help inquiries. WalkMe was able to accelerate the implementation and onboarding process by reducing the learning curve and heading off unintended error.

WalkMe’s interactive guidance also allowed MDOL’s EDI customers to self-task. As MDOL specializes in solutions for the smaller, 1-to-5 doctor practice, many of its EDI customers are often unaccustomed to (and unsure of) incorporating even the most basic of in-office technologies—electronic claims submission—into their daily workflow. In leveraging WalkMe’s online guidance, MDOL was able to make an already easy-to-use product even easier to use, thereby reducing daily requests for customer support.


“We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers”, boasted Cory Lewis, Marketing Brand Manager at MDOL. “WalkMe reassured even our most hesitant users, as online tasking became infinitely more manageable. You could see the change in customer attitude immediately—it was astounding.”


“Our experience with WalkMe was excellent from start to finish”, stated Lewis confidently. “The staff was responsive and very involved in the implementation—we got the impression that WalkMe’s employees are extremely dedicated and passionate about their work. Needless to say, we were thrilled with the quantitative results. Our support team can now focus more of their time addressing the more complex questions, improving the first-rate customer experience that MDOL strives to provide. Our customers are the type of customers we all hope for—they return, they tell their friends and they are loyal. Making our site usable for all our customers is a commodity worth investing in.”