Number of app reviews Increased by 170%
Average app rating Elevated from 3.7 to 4.3
Faster, actionable insights into user behavior

Hulyo Tourism Achieves Impressive User Feedback and Ratings, UX, and Conversion Rate with WalkMe Mobile

Hulyo Tourism knew the importance of viral traction in order for their mobile app offering last minute flight deals to succeed and grow. With a small development team, Hulyo needed a scalable strategy to quickly release new content to users, gain better user insights, and capture positive user sentiment in order to increase visibility.

With WalkMe Mobile, the Hulyo team was able to design and deploy content in real time without the need for time & resource-consuming app version updates. Thanks to WalkMe Mobile’s data granularity and analytics, the Hulyo team was able to optimize their campaigns and guide the user base in ways that supported increased conversions and UX. By using WalkMe’s “Happy Moments” technology, Hulyo captured positive user ratings so we improved our position at the App Store, driving increased app store visibility and positive user sentiment. When Hulyo expanded into new revenue streams, WalkMe was considered as part of the deployment strategy and was utilized for various use cases.

“WalkMe Mobile allows us to achieve real-time in-app content design and deployment, drive user feedback and ratings, and influence our deal campaigns.”
Carmit Dotan


Overcoming challenges with real-time analytics and in-app updates

As travelers increasingly turn to their mobile phones for booking deals, Hulyo Tourism is taking the lead with their revolutionary travel mobile app, enabling the user to instantly book last minute flights. While the Hulyo app has gone viral with more than 1.2 million mobile downloads to date, its scalable, cloud-based infrastructure poises the app for growth in new segments and new markets.

Like most growing mobile apps, Hulyo was challenged by the limits of existing tools for tracking, enhancing, and increasing conversions. They needed to track more detailed user preference analytics in real time to shape more compelling offerings and campaigns. They also wanted the ability to trigger relevant messaging to users based on user behavior and analytics in order to increase effectiveness and conversion.

Additionally, their need for constant content updates to inform and meet customer needs in-app was made more difficult by the very nature of app development: “All apps require a lengthy process of version updates to enact the changes, so we were unable to quickly announce promotions, push messages, or change texts in real time,” explained Carmit Dotan, Hulyo Tourism CEO. “As a start-up with a small developer team, this version update process severely impacted our ability to quickly innovate to best serve our growing customer base with the timeliest information and offers.”

Another mobile challenge is screen size limitations, which often prevents Hulyo from placing that important messaging in optimal locations to maximize visibility, and sometimes even prevents surfacing content altogether.

It was clear that the mobile app would require an external tool that could work in-app to provide messaging, direction, content updates and user analytics insights.


A single answer to mobile in-app versatility

After an intensive search, Hulyo discovered that the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) provides the game-changing ability to deploy content directly into the app in real time without requiring a version update. In addition to providing instant customer access to new deals and specials, they found it could meet a host of other needs as well.

Hulyo chose to first focus on improving their app store visibility through ratings and reviews. Previously, they had been measuring app user response via Google Play to target users for CTAs that would support collecting user feedback and ratings. Because of the last-minute nature of the deal and customer search process, Google Analytics could not provide the granular data from real-time event updates. In comparison, WalkMe Mobile’s analytics provide Hulyo with more details per day on how users were interacting with the mobile app and how they engage with deals. WalkMe Mobile’s AI functionality enabled Hulyo to dynamically identify users that are most likely to provide positive ratings and reviews based on their “Happy Moments”, and automatically pop up messaging to solicit their feedback at the optimal time, which helped to increase their app store ratings.

The Hulyo team also used WalkMe AI to help surface relevant messaging or CTAs to the right customers — like directing them to specific categories or encouraging them to share coupon codes — which ensures that the most targeted audience receives the help, guidance, or encouragement they need exactly when they need it.

The next step was to then look at the user journey through the sales funnel to analyze how to drive improvements in conversions. “WalkMe Mobile showed that people were spending a lot of time on specific pages due to too many deal options. The analytics helped us determine the most popular options so that we could reduce the number, from ten to three for example, for funnel improvement,” said Carmit.

Hulyo uses WalkMe ShoutOuts and Walk-Thrus to instantly promote other initiatives, like announcing deals of the day, promoting events during holidays, or even important app notifications, without requiring engineering resources or a new app version release. Thanks to Segmentation capabilities, they presented different messages to users in different locations to ensure relevancy. This flexible in-app messaging allows them to drive user adoption and engagement of these new features and campaigns.


Delivering UX messages that spur conversions

Hulyo saw dramatic results within the first year of the WalkMe implementation—starting with a major uptick in 5-star ratings. “We ran a campaign using WalkMe AI and were able to identify and target “Happy Moment” customers, which drove a dramatic increase in user ratings, leading to better visibility within the App Store and supporting our viral growth” explained Carmit.

Additionally, Hulyo immediately experienced benefits from the reduction in time needed to push actionable changes to users in-app. “Before WalkMe, it took days for our developer team to develop, QA and implement messages via a new version of the app, but with WalkMe we can do it in minutes so we’re no longer waiting for the new app version to begin seeing the results,” explained Carmit. This empowered the developer team to focus on more strategic engineering initiatives, while still allowing the business to instantly release in-app messages and updates to influence the buyer journey.

Thanks to WalkMe Mobile’s robust analytics, which provides access to more granular user data in real time and retrospectively, Hulyo can make faster decisions on how to optimize deal campaigns. According to Carmit, Hulyo needed to see progress on deal campaigns in hours or even minutes rather than days. “With WalkMe, we can better position our deals based on popularity and gain accurate insights on how best to drive the app marketing funnel by seeing the most used discovery avenues and pages,” explained Carmit. “This also helps us refine and narrow our options for higher customer satisfaction and increased click-through rates.”

Lastly, by taking advantage of WalkMe AI, the Hulyo team was able to do something previously not possible; by using real-time user engagement to target and surface relevant messages, they were able to increase click-through rates on deal promotions or navigation support.


Expanding Hulyo’s business with strategic support from WalkMe Mobile

WalkMe soon became central to the strategy for rollout of a new line of business for the Hulyo mobile app as the company expanded into last-minute concert and event ticketing. “WalkMe has become important tool in prompting users to move from flight deals to new event deals via the use of in-app messaging that allow us to present the options to customers in-app, explain how it works, and deliver guidance in making selections,” said Carmit.

As Hulyo expands both its user base and offerings, Carmit makes it clear that WalkMe will be integral to all phases of that growth moving forward. “WalkMe Mobile helps our small team grow into new markets quickly and at scale. Our marketing team is able to leverage WalkMe’s real-time in-app content design, to guide our user base and campaigns, so it’s a foundational tool to encourage engagement.