Customer Handle Time 50% Reduction
Decreased Support Costs
Higher user engagement due to WalkMe Analytics
WalkMe is making my job so much easier, and customers love it. I'd say WalkMe has shortened the time I spend with each customer by about 50%, simply because they need no additional training, enabling me to assist the next customer.
Remy Winters
Implementation Manager, Epos Now


Improve Conversion Rate of Free Trial Users to Customers

The initial challenge that brought Epos Now to WalkMe was the need for a solution to help increase the conversion rate of ‘free trial’ prospects to becoming customers. Communication with trial users is difficult, so Epos Now needed a way to understand user behavior and engagement with the platform. Knowing where users are struggling is crucial to increasing conversions, because the more time free trial users invest in understanding and using the platform, the more likely they are to purchase. Epos Now wanted to see what users were searching for, in order to provide them with the best resources and information.


Full Customer Engagement Solution

WalkMe provided Epos Now with a user engagement solution as well as a complete knowledge base. After going live with WalkMe, Epos Now learned that free trial users were not engaging with their software in the ways they had anticipated. Epos Now decided to focus their efforts on gathering data using WalkMe Analytics on how the users behave, rather than creating tasks for them to complete. The data collected allowed Epos Now to see how many free trial users were re-entering the system after initially signing up for the free trial.

WalkMe’s flexibility and intuitive nature made it easy for Epos Now to personalize Spotlights, Walk-Thrus, and Shout-Outs depending on the user-type, and to help users navigate around their site and learn important functions. The WalkMe tools can be customized, so they were made to seamlessly blend with Epos Now’s system, further improving user experience.

Epos Now also created a valuable user experience on mobile. They duplicated the WalkMe solution for tablet and smart phone users, and adapted the approach to be more mobile-friendly, ensuring their users receive the best experience of the interactive help guides.


“We can now build our software around what customers want, rather than what we think they want. WalkMe gives us evidence-based data that we can use to see what they are searching for, what their training needs are, and where our system doesn’t work in the way they feel it should. WalkMe has identified gaps in the knowledge we have about our customers, and offers us ways on how we can get that knowledge.” Sarah Roberts, Business Analyst, Epos Now

With WalkMe, Epos Now is able to instantly reduce user effort levels by making training guides and helpful hints and links more readily available; this way user pain is treated before it occurs. Epos Now expects to see a decrease in the number of support cases raised, as users will be employing WalkMe instead.

“We are excited about creating our Knowledge Base, and providing resources so users can be more self-serving. Another benefit of WalkMe is that it did not require any internal software development, which freed up resources to be allocated elsewhere.” Kyle Risi, Business Training Specialist, Epos Now

Epos Now also predicts it will see an increase in free-to-paid conversions. Users clearly understand the value of the Epos Now platform, because WalkMe guides them to important features and tools.