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Endurance International Group

Drop in average customer handle time by 5-7 minutes
Activations Increased by 100%
Huge Reduction in Customer Churn

Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI) helps millions of small businesses realize their dreams. The company equips small businesses worldwide with products and technology to power their online web presence, email marketing, mobile business solutions, and more. Endurance’s best-in-class family of brands includes Constant Contact, Bluehost, HostGator,, BigRock, SiteBuilder, and, among others. Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, Endurance employs more than 3,900 people across the United States, Brazil, India, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

Endurance International Group
We’ve seen a really positive reaction to our implementation of WalkMe. Our agents love to show customers real-time, live assistance on their screen, without being invasive. With a guided tour they are able to provide support to our customers that is direct, efficient, and beneficial for both agent and customer.
Isaac Acuna
Communications Coordinator at, Endurance International Group


“The search for a smarter customer support solution”

There were a number of challenges that Endurance was able to solve with WalkMe, the first being how to reduce support tickets. With many different brands under one umbrella, Endurance needed a way to maintain its provision of excellent customer support, while implementing its new support solution across all of its brands. Endurance was searching for a tool that would create  self-help support channels for customers in order to reduce the support load for their web hosting brands

The support solution would need to be easily expanded and rapidly duplicated for any future brands that joined the Endurance International Group. The team was also seeking a support product that was simple to implement, did not require development resources, and was easy to learn. Essentially, Endurance wanted an application that anyone could set up and manage independently.


“Endurance, meet WalkMe”

Endurance went live quickly with WalkMe, and the training team leveraged WalkMe to provide solutions for feature adoption, retention and churn, improving UX, and removing feature gaps. Solutions included many of WalkMe’s tools, like Permalinks, Surveys, Walk-Thrus, ShoutOuts, and Launchers.

Decrease Average Handling Time and Reduce Support Costs
In its goal to produce a system of self-help for customers across all its brands, Endurance created Permalinks; links that take the user directly into the environment and start a Walk-Thru immediately. Support representatives can now send these links to customers, via chat or email, in order to direct a customer to complete a goal. Permalinks significantly reduce average handle time by 5-7 minutes per agent. The customer never has to pick up the phone – their answer can be found in the existing support infrastructure created with WalkMe. This not only reduces support costs, but also development costs (no development resources are required to implement WalkMe).

Endurance measured customer success as the number of customers who did not contact Customer Support three days after playing a Walk-Thru. The data collected showed that the majority of users did not contact Customer Support after playing a Walk-Thru. The WalkMe implementation directly translated into substantial cost savings because of the reduced strain on support resources.

Drive Feature Adoption
One of the Endurance International Group brands, iPage, applied WalkMe to its site in order to increase feature adoption of its website builder services. The company noticed customers were purchasing a Google Apps license for iPage, but not completing the initial setup to the finish line by activating their account. By adding a ShoutOut that directs users to activate Google Apps, iPage saw that 28% of customers were successfully activating their accounts, more than doubling the number of sign-ups typically recorded.


Increase Retention and Reduce Churn wanted to better understand how to retain web hosting customers and turn them into brand advocates instead of a churn statistic. Hosting over 9,000,000 websites, this was a tall order. When customers search “cancel” in the WalkMe search bar, they are provided with a Walk-Thru that leads them to the Saves team. found that 58% of users clicked on the Walk-Thru, and were directed to a retention specialist who worked with the customer to identify and resolve their challenges. Through this simple redirect, could provide direct, customized support to customers who might have otherwise churned.

Improve UX and Boost User Productivity
Customer Support at Bluehost was receiving a high volume of users who were unable to locate the settings page for their web hosting services. To solve this challenge, they added a gear icon in the top navigation bar, in order to help users access and edit their account. After adding this feature, Bluehost recorded 340,735 clicks per month on the gear icon. This quick addition saved countless hours in support and development, that can be invested in other areas of the product.


Endurance uses WalkMe Surveys to measure customers’ response to adding WalkMe to its websites. Surveys indicate that 60% of customers who filled in the survey agree that WalkMe made it easier for them to handle their question. Through customer surveying, Endurance also discovered that 74% of customers who use WalkMe did not need to contact support with additional questions. This significant finding further confirms that users like to find answers quickly and on their own.


“We’ve seen a really positive reaction to our implementation of WalkMe. Our agents love to show customers real-time, live assistance on their screen, without being invasive. With a guided tour they are able to provide support to our customers that is direct, efficient, and beneficial for both agent and customer. We are on the cusp of using WalkMe for onboarding customers – it is an initiative for the billing portal. Our goal is to expand WalkMe for onboarding across all our brands.” Isaac Acuna, Communications Coordinator at, Endurance International Group