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Dinner Time

Goals Completed 92% Successful
User Satisfaction Huge Increase
Increase Revenue and User Adoption

DinnerTime’s mission is to inspire millions of families to improve their lives by enjoying delicious, healthy meals that have been planned and shopped ahead-of-time, rather than resorting to fast food and takeout.

First launched in 2013, DinnerTime’s mobile-friendly web app creates highly personalized, delicious meal recommendations for users based on unique tastes, budget amounts, time constraints, and any dietary restrictions like food allergies. DinnerTime creates this unparalleled consumer meal-planning and sale-smart shopping experience using its powerful personalization engine that combines artificial intelligence, nutritional science, and behavioral science.

As a result, DinnerTime users not only save time and money but eat healthier and tastier meals. They also typically eat more often as a family.


DinnerTime partners with employers, health plans, health associations, and grocers. DinnerTime coordinates weekly sales at more than 7,500 grocery stores nationwide and has more than 10 million potential meal combinations to address every need, taste, and budget.

Dinner Time
Successful, initial experiences with our App has led to marked increases in long term user engagement and satisfaction, with Net Promoter Scores at the highest range for software companies and web apps.
Laura Moore
CEO, DinnerTime


DinnerTime initially found that users, especially new users, were not taking full advantage of all of the system’s features. Users sometimes became confused with how to interact with the system and there was a great deal of confusion over how to personalize the meal-planning process. This made for an incomplete and unsatisfying consumer experience. DinnerTime needed to onboard new users more seamlessly, to increase user engagement by eliminating confusion, and to promote the flexibility and control that users have when personalizing their meal-planning process.


DinnerTime approached WalkMe to improve their onboarding process. WalkMe is a solution that provides sophisticated context-sensitive help to eliminate points of confusion and provide a better, more fluid, customer experience. DinnerTime also liked the fact that implementing WalkMe on their App did not require technical know-how and customized programming.

DinnerTime utilized a variety of WalkMe Apps, including Walk-Thrus, Shout-Outs and Auto-Play to increase user engagement. They also took advantage of WalkMe’s Mobile App in order to encourage user onboarding and adoption for users on-the-go.

Customer Response

DinnerTime was impressed with the training and on-boarding processes provided by WalkMe.

“We quickly learned that the capabilities of WalkMe go well beyond simple context-sensitive help. DinnerTime is increasingly using WalkMe to handle a variety of messaging needs within our app, including notifying users to new features and gathering user feedback through surveys,”
Doug Lay, CTO, DinnerTime.


DinnerTime members have more successfully completed initial onboarding and training, with higher levels of user delight and lower confusion about how to access all of the powerful features offered by the system.

“After implementing an auto-played WalkMe tour for new users, the percentage of all new users successfully generating a complete week’s meal plan increased from 76% to 92%, a 16% improvement in immediate success,” Laura Moore, CEO, DinnerTime. “Successful, initial experiences with our App has led to marked increases in long-term user engagement and satisfaction, with Net Promoter Scores at the highest range for software companies and web apps.”

DinnerTime continues to see improved user engagement with the system. Because DinnerTime is constantly being upgraded with additional features and capabilities, the WalkMe platform allows DinnerTime to easily and quickly train current users on new features as the product evolves.