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Support Calls Reduced by 22%
Onboarding Time Double Digit Drop
Customer Engagement Triple Digit Rise
"WalkMe has really helped us improve our customer experience. The in-product-discovery of new features, dynamic self-help articles rather than static documents, and the visibility we now have into user behavior have made this an invaluable tool!"
André Pimentel
Vice President, Customer Success and Technical Support


When Demandforce began scaling at a rapid rate, they found themselves frequently having to adjust their business model to support the dynamic needs of their diverse customer-base.  As a “Success Organization,” it is imperative for the company to partner with other SaaS vendors in order to provide their customers with a variety of technological tools that help them successfully run their own respective businesses.  However, in providing customers with these tools, Demandforce became burdened with issues related to feature adoption, which led directly to a significant rise in support inquiries. As new features became readily available for use, Demandforce needed an application that would complement the updates and notify and teach customers how to use these tools.  Lastly, Demandforce needed a process to solicit feedback from their users, and gain insight as to how customers were interacting with their application in order to effectively address their needs.


In an attempt to reduce support related requests, Demandforce implemented multiple in-context WalkMe Launcher’s that closely monitor customer searches, and instantly prompt Walk-Thrus to address their support related issues step-by-step in real time. This feature enables Demandforce to keep all user information in one place, and includes a Live Chat option in the WalkMe widget enabling customers to reach the support team quickly. To promote new feature engagement, Demandforce has the ability to publish attention-grabbing Walk-Thru’s that are prompted by Shout-Out’s to help customers communicate with their own clients via e-mail campaigns, seasonal postcards, newsletters, and more. As a way to retrieve customer feedback to improve their product, Demandforce utilizes WalkMe Surveys which is prompted by the WalkMe AutoPlay feature to solicit customers about usage and product changes.


After implementing WalkMe on their application, Demandforce was able to reduce “how-to” support calls by 22% across their customer base in the first 6 months of being live. With WalkMe analytics, Demandforce gained the ability to collect important data about how users interact with their application.  Nearly 500,000 Walk-Thru’s were leveraged promoting feature usage (holiday campaigns, provider settings and new text capabilities) in 2016. In total, there were over 1 million Walk-Thru’s played in 2016 for a triple digit rise in overall customer engagement of their application. With WalkMe Surveys and Autoplays implemented, Demandforce captured hundreds of product ideas and suggestions. Given WalkMe’s wide-ranging and diverse usability, particularly on the Demandforce application, the company is now on a healthy path to reducing support costs and providing their customers with an improved overall experience.