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Microsoft Bing

Requests for Support Double-digit drop
Development Cycle Shortened

Microsoft Bing Ads is a platform that helps advertisers reach customers with search engine marketing (SEM) on Bing and other web search engines. Bing Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system. This means that advertisers bid based on how much they are willing to pay per a click on their ads, and advertisers only pay when searchers click on their ads. Hundreds of thousands of advertisers choose Bing Ads every month because Bing powers nearly one in three U.S. searches and 15 billion searches worldwide.

Microsoft Bing
"As a tech company, it’s very tempting for us to say, “We can build it ourselves,” but this would have required us diverting our time away from building Bing Ads features that customers have been asking for. We had a vision of how we wanted to improve the customer experience, and WalkMe already had the tools we needed. We are now able to quickly make changes in guided tours without having to build new tools or work around development cycles."
Haily De La Cruz
Program Manager


Bing Ads was looking to increase new product feature adoption and solve common customer pain points with a ready-made solution that could be integrated into the platform. Being able to quickly get advertisers up and running on Bing Ads was an important requirement. The team also wanted to provide an effortless self-service user experience with the goal of decreasing incoming customer requests for phone and online support.


Microsoft Bing Ads selected WalkMe to provide real-time interactive guidance in multiple languages directly on the Bing Ads platform. The contextual support guides are strategically placed through tailored entry points and now lead advertisers through task completion.

Bing Ads uses WalkMe’s Walk-Thru’s in two key ways: (1) as an overview for a feature or area of the product that customers might find challenging, and (2) as a solution to a specific problem that customers have frequently encountered. Both approaches have been shown to reduce customer support calls. WalkMe allows the Bing Ads team to customize and place Walk-Thru’s on demand at strategic points in the customer experience. The team also uses Insights, WalkMe’s analytics platform to understand and improve engagement with these Walk-Thru’s.

“The platform is easy to learn and intuitive. We are able to get valuable customer usage insights quickly. We love the ability for our writing team to iterate quickly on these tours without having to affect our software engineering teams.” Lisa Osse, Microsoft.


With WalkMe, Bing Ads has a new ability to show a guided tour to a customer when they are in the middle of trying to accomplish a complex task or answer a frequently asked question.

“Our guided tours can be discovered by hundreds of thousands of customers every month. We are thrilled to see that our tours have resulted in a 13% reduction in support calls,” explains Haily De La Cruz, Program Manager.