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Reduced Onboarding Time
Centralized Help Resource Hub
84% Decrease in Support Burden
With hundreds of thousands of educators using Achieve3000’s solutions every school year, we were looking for a new way to approach training and to ensure all our users had the answers they were looking for at their fingertips. In just a few short months, we’ve doubled the Walk-Thrus we provide and added over 200 resources for educators. We’re already receiving great feedback and seeing great results!
Susan Gertler
Chief Academic Officer, Achieve3000


Achieve3000 offers a blended and differentiated service model to its customers that incorporates a variety of flexible delivery methods: onsite and live online modularized sessions; in-classroom modeling options; job-embedded support; and 24/7 in-product access to resources and tools. Even with this costly support, educators—both new and veteran—always have follow-up questions that leave Achieve3000’s implementation team members inundated with emails that require immediate responses. Achieve3000 sought a solution that would reduce training costs, allow trainers to be more productive in their live sessions, and support a continuous learning model for its users. In addition, because of its commitment to ongoing enhancements to its platform, Achieve3000 needed a way to call attention to new features and updates that would increase user adoption rates and decrease support tickets, all without requiring trainer involvement.


Achieve3000 revolutionized its onboarding process by launching WalkMe, which was renamed Ask Achieve3000 in its platform.  Ask Achieve3000 currently consists of 25 Walk-Thrus that lead the user through key processes prior to live training sessions. This adaptive on-screen guidance also works to reroute follow-up questions that users may have after a session, back to Ask Achieve3000, as opposed to the trainer’s inbox. WalkMe’s other interactive tools, such as ShoutOuts, function to engage users with the introduction of new features and updates. Achieve3000 leveraged WalkMe’s segmentation capability to identify over 70,000 user profiles and show content and tips relevant to each user – boosting the efficiency of every user visit. Furthermore, Achieve3000 was able to consolidate 250 videos and PDFs resources across multiple websites in the Ask Achieve3000 widget, creating a simple but powerful centralized hub for help resources.


Achieve3000 experienced a notable increase in training and learning efficiency by shifting low-touch topics to WalkMe, which allowed trainers to utilize live sessions for high-touch topics, projecting to save thousands of hours in training time. WalkMe has impacted Achieve3000’s bottom line even further with an 84% reduction in support cases that relate to the topics of their Walk-Thrus since implementation. Through WalkMe, Achieve3000 can provide an organized database of resources accessible to all users, while providing a personalized experience for each user by leveraging segmentation-based engagement. Achieve3000 was even able to reduce internal training costs by utilizing WalkMe to continuously educate its own staff and guide new employees as they acclimate to the software during their own training journey.