WalkMe is the best SaaS vendor team that we have worked with. They streamlined our onboarding and adoption process while driving forward our quality of training.

Ryan Smith, Marketing Manager, Royal Canin Canada

As a customer relationship management and marketing automation tool, MDC DOT’s core demographic is a group of people who are still adjusting to the Digital Age. In spite of having a Help Desk website with knowledge on most every aspect of our technology, our support desk was receiving at least 30 support tickets a day from our users – at most 100. Most of these tickets asked the same questions, and our phones were ringing off the hook with more of the same.

After integrating with Walkme, we placed launchers on every page, and we created walk-thrus that play automatically on our sign up pages and the first time a user logs in. For the past month, we received – on average – 2 support tickets a day and a call a day. With less tickets and phone calls, we are able to dedicate ourselves to providing the best assistance with the few we are getting and use the rest of our time to enhance and refine our technology.

Yunchin Kim, Customer Experience Manager, MyDigitalClients, LLC
We also added the WalkMe application, which literally shows you how to use any feature in the system. This makes it easy to customize the e-Newsletter to target your specific market.
Barry Friedman, CEO at HomeActions

WalkMe for Salesforce has helped us increase adoption for our global deployment.

Peter Lynch VP of Global Operations & Technology at Western Union
With WalkMe, familiarizing new users with the software is faster and easier. Our customers are better equipped to work on their own and our support staff is much more efficient.
Ken Haigh, Chief Technology Officer at PeopleMatter

WalkMe for Salesforce enhances the way we engage & teach our sales teams, and also enables our teams to navigate through complex processes.

WalkMe User in Sales Operations at OpenTable
WalkMe’s elegantly simple solution provides engaging scalability for our Salesforce.com performance support.
Marc Madenwald, Director Sales Process & Productivity at Adobe
My company and team offers online remediation to older children (ages 7+) with dyslexia (struggling readers). In this segment, ease of instruction is of paramount importance. We researched technical solutions to user instructions and discovered WalkMe. We shared our specific needs with the WalkMe team and they opened the door wide open for us. We’re increasingly rolling out more and more WalkMe deployments and are very impressed to say the least. The ability to take a visitor/user by the hand and literally instruct them as if you sit right next to them is so very effective. We absolutely love it, and our users absolutely love it too. Highly recommended.
Hans J.A. Dekkers, CEO of DYNAREAD Helping Children Succeed
WalkMe is a key tool in helping our users understand these features and how to make the best and most efficient use of them. Understanding our community’s needs and giving them the tools they need to understand our product are crucial for ensuring a great experience with our platform. We leverage a number of tools to do this, including maintaining a robust community forum. By embedding forum resources in our WalkMe tutorials, users have in-product assistance, as well as more detailed support through our forum – all through a singular training resource hosted by WalkMe…Practice Fusion leverages WalkMe in several ways. Primarily, we use WalkMe to provide step-by-step walkthroughs of the features of our EHR platform. By giving users the ability to launch these tutorials at any time, from almost anywhere in our system, we ensure that they have the understanding needed to fully utilize our features. We also use WalkMe to auto-display alerts when we release new features. This gives us an opportunity to market our newest and most advanced features, and empowers our community to start using them from their first interaction with our EHR.
Aaron Bloom, Operations Associate at Practice Fusion
The biggest impact for Ytel when using the WalkMe technology is the ability to “walk” the customer towards a solution. Unlike other forms of on-line help, with Walkme our customers are both learning and doing at the same time. Go here, click this, how many agents do you want to receive these calls, submit, done.
Nick Newsom, CEO of Ytel
WalkMe ensures our growing list of customers get the best user experience possible. WalkMe analytics will give us real time insight into which Walk-Thrus are working and which ones need to be changed.
John Stewart, CEO of Cloudbilt
We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers. WalkMe reassured even our most hesitant users, as online tasking became ‘a walk in the park’. You could see the change in customer attitude immediately—it was astounding. Our experience with WalkMe was excellent from start to finish. The staff was responsive and very involved in the implementation—we got the impression that WalkMe’s employees are extremely dedicated and passionate about their work. Needless to say, we were thrilled with the quantitative results. Our support costs were cut to a minimum and our online reputation has become something to be truly proud of. Our customers are the type of customers we all hope for—they return, they tell their friends and they are loyal. Making our site usable for all our customers is a commodity worth investing in.
Cory Lewis, Marketing Brand Manager at MDOL