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TeachMe enables effective training within the flow of work, yielding higher user engagement and full knowledge comprehension, backed by powerful analytics.

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WalkMe has helped eMoney scale and streamline user adoption and share critical messages with target audiences. We were able to create customized courses that save time, eliminate tedious work, and produce meaningful and strategic conversations, enabling our customers to get the most out of our software, service, and support.

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Steve Levis SVP, Client Engagement eMoney Advisor

Steve Levis

SVP, Client Engagement eMoney Advisor logo
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Enable seamless employee training.

With integrated learning in your core applications, deliver more effective employee training for seasonal information, impromptu changes, or large platform migrations. Through guided learning paths, TeachMe helps users understand big concepts and small process changes.

Simplify product training.

For the most powerful applications, drive training to help users maximize the full potential of your products. TeachMe enables personalized training paths to build certified power users, guiding users from their first task to your most powerful features - without expensive high-touch onboarding.

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Provide in-app knowledge checks.

On any application, TeachMe gives you the ability to understand concepts with traditional resources like videos and in-app guidance and engagement. After, you will be able to check your knowledge retention directly in the app, with in-app quizzes.

Discover more about TeachMe.

Why Are Software Walkthroughs So Important?

Walkthroughs are vital tools for any app or digital product. Discover how they impact the user experience, retention, and abandonment.

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The complete guide to employee training.

Employee training is training and education designed to improve employees’ skills, performance, and productivity.

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Gain visibility into productivity with Insights.

Make data-driven decisions and ensure software ROI with WalkMe’s Insights.

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