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Top 3 Interactive Training Software Advantages

If you are not using an interactive training software, then you are probably using traditional training methods to onboard users or employees on a new software or website. Training is imperative for users to successfully perform actions, complete their tasks or to make a conversion or even transaction in an online platform. The problem is the way training programs are currently built: Directing your users or employees to third-party websites, making them read online articles or supplemental training resources, train them one on one or make them sit exhausted in classroom session overloaded with information. The result is ineffective training that is quickly forgotten.
It is time to stop with the old training methods and move forward with the technology.Interactive training software will save you time and money, increase users’ productivity, and most important —  increase the users’ and customers’ satisfaction.

interactive training software

#1 Start with making decisions: Define your interaction goals

Might be one of these, maybe more than one:

  • Make external users such as potential customers leave contact details so you can contact them and offer them your services.
  • Enable internal and external users to get the information they are looking for from within your website or any online software,
    no need for third-party resources.
  • Help users navigate, and drive the desired action through a website or software they are using.
  • Reduce the need for support for employees.
  • reduce support cost and make users use interactive training software self-service.
  • Help users complete their tasks and goals with real-time online step by step tutorial.

#2 Help users understand the process

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) provides interactive training through step by step tutorial that walk users to task completion while letting them know what are the steps and how many actions remained to completion. Knowing when does task is finished successfully is beneficial for both you and your users.

interactive training software

#3 Ensure users never forget what they learn by using Interactive Training Software

Interactive training software helps train users while working, on the job, without the need for prior experience.
Contact WalkMe today and improve significantly 
customer onboarding process and employee training.