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WalkMe Mobile

With WalkMe Mobile, transform experiences on-the-go.

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The success of WalkMe in PM led us to expand to our flagship product, EMA®, our electronic health record (EHR) system, supported on Web browsers and native mobile applications. This increased our active user count to ~68,000 users in 2019, an increase of 240% year over year.

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Onboard and train on-the-go.

Ensure a smooth onboarding experience for new users on your application, a new version of your application, or the mobile-web version of your website.

Deploy UI fixes in real-time.

Improve the UI and UX of your application or mobile-web experience without the added hours and cost of a developer. Post announcements in a moment’s notice outside of sprint cycles, without having to wait for app-store approval.

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Encourage desired user behavior

Encourage desired user behavior.

Drive action from the right users at the right time using data triggers and segmentation. Prompt outdated application users to update to the latest version, proactively reach out to your superusers for a review on your app store, increase in-app purchases by encouraging users in the moment they are most likely to buy, and so much more!

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What is customer experience?

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Among other things, journey maps are used by product teams to improve product adoption, better understand customer needs…

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