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Realize the full value of your desktop applications and drive further adoption of legacy applications, directly on employees desktops.

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With WalkMe, our small team is able to scale our service to the rest of our employees. Without it, we would have to do in-person training and conference calls, which is very time-consuming for our team to provide and ineffective for our users to learn and remember when needed.

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Pascal Ezaki - Insights Program Manager

Pascal Ezaki

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Accelerate onboarding and change management

Accelerate onboarding and change management.

Quickly ramp up new hires and novice users of all ranks, departments, and even languages. Adopting any desktop application can now be done on-the-job, without long classroom training sessions.

Modernize user experiences on legacy software.

With WalkMe Desktop you can extend the life of legacy systems, with minimal effort. Now it’s easier than ever to simplify complex processes so that employees can handle changes self-sufficiently and be more productive.

Modernize user experiences on legacy software
Gain visibility into software usage

Gain visibility into software usage.

Gain a consolidated view of data from web and desktop systems across your entire organization and make data-driven decisions to propel your digital transformation initiatives forward.

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What is a hybrid office?

What is a hybrid office and how can your company set one up? Learn why it might be the right fit for your business now and post-COVID.

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What is a digital workplace?

In a digital workplace, digital technology is embedded in employee processes, workflow, and culture.

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WalkMe Workstation - Boost Employee Experience

Redefine the digital employee experience. Discover how WalkMe’s Workstation engages employees and enables self-service support from anywhere.

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