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Conduct a Successful Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce is a CRM system with a huge range of customization, assimilation and measurement options. Each action has a unique and dedicated button. When employees start using Salesforce, they are faced with endless options, features and reports to learn. The employee training process is a crucial part of Salesforce implementation within any organization.

Choose Your Salesforce Implementation Method

Whether you’re planning to train individual employees or a whole department on Salesforce CRM software, it is important to consider use a method that will maximize resources, time and money. Training process takes time, and employees do not always remember everything they learned during training. Make sure that there is a system in place to support employees anytime they need help during Salesforce implementation process and Salesforce training.

There is an easy way. Once a Digital Adoption Platform implemented, there is no need for pre-training, no need for support or help desks, no need for a complex Salesforce implementation process that never ends.

Digital Adoption Platform for Salesforce Implementation

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a guidance layer that is added on top of Salesforce CRM and on any existing website, software or online platform. The layer simplifies the user experience and guides users to task completion with on-screen Walk-Thrus. These dynamic step-by-step instructions streamline Salesforce implementation or any other online software implementation. This dramatically increases the speed of new technology adoption within your organization.

With WalkMe’s editor, it is easy to build a Walk-Thru for even the most function-heavy website, software and online platform. The user can move from one step to another without hesitation. They are even provided the number of steps left until task completion, letting them know just how close they are to the finish line.

Salesforce Implementation