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WalkMe accelerates Sage X3® training, advances employee competency and improves data integrity.

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Streamline the digital workplace.

Boost employee productivity across complex business processes.

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Gain visibility into user journeys.

Discover where your employees are struggling and create data-driven solutions.

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Reduce support overhead.

Enable self-service at the time of need and reduce support tickets.

Accelerate business goals.

From financials to supply chain and production management, harnessing Sage X3’s® full value lies in employee’s competency on the platform.

Discover personalized digital journeys

They were learning while they were executing what they needed to. It was not only saving time for them, but creating consistency amongst all the users.

Elyse Sanneman

Manager, Merchandising and MP&I Training Ulta Beauty logo

Improve digital experiences with WalkMe.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, create a unified experience across platforms.

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Discover more about WalkMe for SageX3®®.

Redefine productivity with digital adoption solutions.

Achieve a clear view of employees’ entire journey across the tech stack, and then customize streamlined workflows.

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How DAP ties software productivity to UX.

Digital dexterity is a must for the modern employee. DAP makes any application simple to navigate, maximizing productivity.

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The employee training manifesto for enhanced productivity.

Accelerate your new employees’ time-to-value by offering them self-sufficiency on any application they touch.

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