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Oracle Cloud HCM®

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, accelerate training, improve data integrity, and drive efficiency across your suite of HR modules.

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Reduce support overhead.

Utilize WalkMe as your first line of defense against support tickets to your HR Team, allowing HR to be more strategic partners for the business.

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Increase user engagement.

Create a seamless experience for your employees, driving further engagement and process completion.

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Ensure user satisfaction.

Make a seamless transition to Oracle Cloud HCM® pain-free by using WalkMe to make complex processes more user friendly.

Gain more out of your employee experience technology.

From managing talent lifecycles and recruiting candidates, to managing projects and planning successions, true adoption is key to extracting Oracle Cloud HCM’s® full value. With WalkMe, you can provide agile training and onboarding, a smooth user experience, and simplified self-service for all of your employees.

Gain more out of your employee experience technology.

If WalkMe wasn’t there, people would depend on their VPs or the service desk for information. We would need more training sessions and longer documentation. Now, people can self-serve and they’re happier with the experience.

Aimee Pasia

Senior HRIS Analyst Quest Diagnostics logo

Use WalkMe across your HR organization.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, gain more out of your employee experience technology.

Use WalkMe across your HR organization
Discover more about WalkMe for Oracle Cloud HCM®.

Get the value your software promises.

Achieve the ROI you expect with the Oracle Cloud HCM® by enabling your employees from anywhere with WalkMe.

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The employee onboarding checklist for any new hire.

Give your employees everything they need to be self-sufficient from day one with WalkMe’s digital onboarding

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