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IDP integration

Connect WalkMe to your company’s Identity Provider (IDP) to deliver personalized experiences at scale and gain accurate visibility of enterprise usage trends.

Leverage existing software investments

Optimize DAP experiences by connecting WalkMe to the IDP you already deployed and use every day.

Personalize every user experience

Deploy solutions for specific segments of employees so no one is bothered by DAP content they don’t care about.

Know every user

Identify users across applications for visibility of digital usage trends in a large enterprise.

Discover more about the WalkMe platform

DeepUI overview video

Learn how DeepUI improves element recognition for faster time-to-value, reduced maintenance, and seamless user experiences.

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UI Intelligence webinar

UI Intelligence provides visibility into user interaction with forms to uncover opportunities to reduce friction and improve quality of data.

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Workstation demo

See a demo of the next step in enterprise digital adoption: WalkMe Workstation, the unified employee interface for your tech stack.

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