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A Customer Centric Solution

WalkMe Growth provides an end-to-end solution for the entire customer lifecycle - from trial conversion, through onboarding, feature adoption, retention and expansion. Our unique 3-step approach allows you to first, identify your user's frustration and pitfalls then build code-free solutions with ease and lastly measure the effectiveness.

As a hyper-growth company, the ability to scale is of utmost importance for our long-term success. WalkMe’s robust offering allows us to improve the customer experience and expand beyond our immediate business opportunities. Without sacrificing R&D resources, WalkMe’s technology makes it simple to ensure our customers are seeing value from our product, and proactively handling any customer risk.

Industry-Leading Features

Guidance and engagement tools

Create highly customized and specific step-by-step guidance within any SaaS application or website

User-session video replays

Access videos of individual users’ sessions within the application, to identify common pitfalls and rectify any issue

User Process Automation

Automate any process for your users to save them time and frustration

Fully integrated solution

Drive proactive action across sales, customer success and support teams by leveraging seamless integrations with, Gainsight and other platforms