The Solution

How WalkMe Works

WalkMe’s cloud-based Digital Adoption Platform enables organizations to measure, drive, and act to ultimately accelerate their digital transformations.


Powerful data collections allow organizations to dive into their business processes and understand user interactions across their entire tech stack.


Our no-code Editor allows organizations to create any experience across their applications, simply, with drag and drop capability.


The touch point with the end-user defines the experience in the form of on-screen cross application guidance, user segmentation engagement, on-screen automation, content validation, and so much more.

Core Technology

Simple and flexible deployment across any enterprise environment

Deployed on every application, our core technology, including UI Intelligence, is driven by machine learning algorithms to understand how humans interact with user interfaces.


WalkMe empowers every organization to realize the promise of its technology. As the defining leaders in Digital Adoption, WalkMe enables leaders with visibility into digital usage to make data-driven decisions, and streamlines user experiences for employees and customers.

Hitachi Vantara uses WalkMe to boost sales productivity across their technology stack.


reduction in training time


increased adoption of digital sales tools


applications using WalkMe

“WalkMe really helps us get people more effective and impactful with their customers straight away.”

Jeff McKittrick

Fmr. Vice President of Sales Business Capabilities, Hitachi Vantara

Design data-driven user experiences, no code required

WalkMe is designed so that any individual can build complex implementations without the need for coding, by enabling more accurate and faster identification of on-screen elements so building content is simpler, quicker, and easier to maintain.