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WalkMe employs personalized user website navigation to boost your user experience, propel conversions and generate revenue.

Drive Task Completion and Conversions by Guiding Users To Action

Many user sessions are lost due to complex UI, lack of clear direction and awkward digital experience.

By using WalkMe’s intelligent overlay to tailor a simple and personalized user website navigation experience, your website will gain traction and stickiness, lowering bounce rates and increasing free-to-paid conversions.

WalkMe’s ability to segment, engage and guide the user’s experience has a powerful effect on their subsequent actions.

Our users tell us that ParentMail is much more user friendly, and that navigating the system is quick and painless. WalkMe gave us a way to seamlessly transition our users to the new system, without the need for extensive customer support.
Geoff Jones, Marketing Director, ParentMail

Benefits of WalkMe:

  • Simplify the user experience with website navigation
  • Push users to redeem free trial
  • Boost conversion rate and increase revenue
  • Gain insight to user behavior
  • Reduce bounce rate

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WalkMe for Website Navigation:

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