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Product Adoption

Create seamless user experiences to enable instant product adoption & drive customer retention.

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Gain visibility into user behavior.

Leverage advanced analytics to understand where your users struggle, then implement data-driven change.

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Ensure full product adoption.

Create personalized user experiences that guarantee users quickly onboard and fully adopt to your product.

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Drive growth and retention.

Build customer loyalty and reduce churn by creating seamless user experiences from day one.

How it works

Your no-code solution for seamless customer experiences.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, ensure user adoption of your product by analyzing, measuring, and optimizing customer journeys.

The Challenge

Increase retention to boost your bottom line.

Your customers are churning without realizing the value of your product. Just 5% increase in customer retention could increase profits by 25-95%. Through digital adoption, you can increase revenue by ensuring product adoption from day one and developing a loyal customer base.

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IBM uses WalkMe to promote adoption and boost customer retention on their digital product offerings.


improved product usage and retention


revenue growth of digital offering


increase in product adoption

The impact of WalkMe was immediate. First and foremost, we were able to improve user adoption early on, resulting in 6X higher user retention and 4X better conversion rates from trials to subscriptions.

Nilanjan Adhya

Chief Digital Officer, IBM
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Our Solution

Drive value through exceptional product experiences.

Understand where and why users encounter friction with WalkMe’s robots insights dashboards. Then, codelessly automate tasks, guide, and engage your users to create exceptional experiences on both mobile and desktop. By creating seamless user experiences, build customer loyalty and reduce churn, paving the way for strong customer loyalty and upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

Discover more about product adoption.

Using journey maps to boost product adoption.

Journey maps are a useful tool for anyone looking to improve product adoption and the overall customer experience.

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IBM improves the customer experience with WalkMe.

IBM fosters digital experiences to keep customers happy and engaged across their products.

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Create innovative experiences to address customer expectations.

To stay competitive, businesses need to deliver relevant and positive experiences for their customers.

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