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Find out how much more you could gain from your existing software in cost savings, increased productivity, improved workflow efficiency, and more with WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform.

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Value Calculator

Calculate the potential business impact of WalkMe.

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*The fully burdened (loaded) employee cost should include salary, benefits, and overhead. If this is not known, take the base salary amount and increase it by 28%

Great companies use WalkMe.


WalkMe helps with adoption by engaging our employees directly within our internal applications and providing just-in-time guidance, which increases self-service and adoption and reduces support tickets submitted to our internal applications.

Doug Beaudoin

Chief Information Officer, Deloitte Services LP

WalkMe was as advertised, the solutions provided by the platform fit our needs – and we were able to realize ROI within the first 12 months of deployment.

Jo Wuertz

Senior Learning Experience Designer, Overstock

We expect to see a projected 114% ROI on our WalkMe investment due to increased productivity, elimination of 3rd party led training, and reduced support requirements.

Manager, Merchandising and MP&I Training

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